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Read-Aloud: The Boxcar Children

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Every so often, I will share with you a book that we’ve read aloud together as a family and really enjoyed.  I’ll also share some tips on how to be a GREAT read-aloud-er!  (I’ll also occasionally throw in completely made up words…)

Today I want to share with you a book that had my children enthralled.  It’s an old book, but one that has been a favorite for 90 years.  It’s called The Boxcar Children.

There is actually a whole series of these books but the one I refer to today is the first one, originally published in 1924.  At the end of this post, I will share a link with you where you can get your own copy of this beautiful, sweet adventure story.

What I Love About This Book:

First off, a good read aloud needs to be fun to, well, read aloud.  And this one delivers.  Delightful imagery, colorful characters who are very relatable to any family, interesting situations that sometimes have you on the edge of your seat, but never too worried, can all be found in this book.

Another Gift For You!

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We were reading a chapter one night where the children are hunting through a dump pile looking for plates and such to eat from.  As we read it, my children’s eyes were wide with excitement as the children in the book made their discoveries.  The characters joy was felt throughout the room as if they had been our own miraculous finds.  Every fear, every worry, every kindness and ever triumph quickly becomes a part of our own lives. 


What my Children Love About This Book:

They love Benny.  Well, they love all the children, but they find Benny to be very funny.  Benny is 5 and spends most of his time being hungry, or thinking about being hungry.  He is also full of excitement and completely oblivious to the dangers he and his siblings face like only a 5 year old can be.  They hang on his every movement and word.  They are also impressed by Henry, the oldest boy, and his willingness to find work and provide for the family.  Most of all, they feel empowered by the two girls, Violet and Jesse.  From nothingness, they bravely scavenge and explore all while providing a sweet home as best they can under the circumstances. 


This is a gentle adventure book, perfect for a mix of ages as we have.  Our 3 year old is just as enthralled as our 7 and 8 year olds. 

Links to get the book…

You may be able to find this in your local library.  If they have the Scholastic version, be aware that it is not the original, though it is close and much easier for an 8 year old to read on their own.  They did a wonderful job of keeping the spirit and sweetness of the story in tact.  However, if you’d like the original, which is a wonderful read-aloud story, you can get it on Kindle or in paperback from Amazon. 

Kindle:    Paperback:

Have you ever read The Boxcar Children?   Is it on your reading list this year?

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