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New Releases You’ll LOVE

Here at Little Learning Lovies, we create monthly sets of exclusive, brand new, really fun, themed games and we put them all together in what we like to call Lovie Packs.  We do two different packs each month, one for PreK through 1st grade (we call that the Tiny Lovie Pack) and another for 1st grade through 3rd grade (we call that one the Little Lovie Pack). 

These packs are available for one month only at a nice, deep discount and then they are hidden away in the Lovie Pack Vault!  Then, after at least 6 months have past, we start releasing the individual files from these packs, only we release them at full retail price.  And we don’t always release ALL of the files.  Some of them will never be available again. (You can always see our current Lovie Pack HERE)


Today, I spent some time releasing files from our Lovie Pack Vault and I’d like to show you some of the new goodies in the store

I think my favorite is Fraction Uno!

Fraction Uno!

This game is played just like classic UNO only it helps kids learn to show parts of a whole and parts of a group as a fraction!  VERY fun, and VERY educational.  You can download your copy of Fraction Uno right here so you can print and play right away!

And then there’s “S’more Tens”

Everyone wins when you combine good ‘ol s’mores with math!

Boxable Game: S'More Tens!

Another Gift For You!

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Even better, S’more 10’s is a BOXABLE game!!  So it actually comes in two versions. One fits in a regular file folder that you provide and the other is a bit smaller and comes with it’s OWN printable file folder!  It also fits into our printable sturdy box.  This game is just all around awesome!  You can add it to your collection here!

Want to see more?

We added quite a few games to our catalog today and you are invited to take a look!  Just click here to see everything that’s new

NOTE: January Lovie Packs – Arctic and Winter Animals –  are coming soon!  Stay tuned… or better yet, sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know about it when the new pack is released!  Just enter your email address at the top of the side bar and we’ll take care of you from there.

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