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Top 5 Reasons To NOT Homeschool Your Kids (or… Why we do what we do!)

When folks hear that we homeschool, the reactions can be unpredictable. We’ve seen the whole range of emotions from joy and excitement to envy and jealousy, to fear and even open hostility. It’s amazing how passionate folks can be about this topic. Well… I know which side of the fence I’M on! How about you?

Here we go…


The Top 5 Reasons You Should NEVER Homeschool Your Kids
And why we do it anyway!

5) You’re not a certified teacher!
Well… this is true.  I am not.  And anyone who says you have to be in order to teach something has never been a parent.  Don’t you sing the alphabet song with your baby?  Don’t you help them count their fingers?  Didn’t you teach them what fingers were?  Were you certified to do so?  Yes, you were… The moment your baby was born. 🙂

4) But they won’t have a common frame of reference with their peers later in life.
I like this one.  Mostly because it almost seems to be a plausible issue.  But then about 0.00352 seconds later I remember that I don’t want my kids to have that “common experience” with the rest of those poor dears.

Nope.  I would much rather help them cultivate a deep and loving relationship with their parents and siblings while they learn and grow with me.

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3) You’ll hate being around your kids so much!
This one makes me cry.  It really does.  I cry for the families that have no idea how amazing it is to know each other so well, to grow together, to support and help each other, to feel totally fulfilled by the tight family bonds that are formed on this amazing journey.

Now, I’m not saying that I don’t need a break every once in a while because I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to hanging out in the bathroom sometimes when I didn’t really need to use it.  I think everyone needs a few moments to themselves.  But I would never trade the awesome relationships we have in this family to get away from my kids for a while.

2) They won’t really learn much, though.
There are a ton of statistics out there that prove this statement wrong, but let me just say this:  I know that my kids will learn and are learning because I’m with them every day, helping them discover the world.  We probably learn about a greater variety of things than they can cover in a school because we have the luxury of taking a few days to explore an interesting topic without fear of not finishing the lesson on time.  We cover more in a much shorter amount of time and as a result, we learn.

Yes.  We learn in our home, outside of our home, in the museums, libraries, zoos, parks, and even in the grocery store.  All without a certificate to say we can.


And here is the number one reason you should never homeschool your children (and one of our top reasons for doing so)…

(Come on… You MUST know what it is!)

(I’ll give you a hint…  it starts with an S)

1) What about socialization!  Your kids will never learn how to act with other kids their age!
Well that’s just silly.  They don’t live in a bubble!  They have siblings.  They have neighbor friends.  They have various groups they belong to and are involved with and they almost always chat with just about every person we meet in the grocery store.  My homeschooled kids have no problem holding a good conversation with a person of any age.  I love to watch as they do this because the person they are talking to… especially older people, take a couple of beats to realize that they can actually TALK to these kids and they don’t have to talk down or work hard to get an answer.  My kids are very socially competent, thank you very much.  And if you want proof… Come on over and strike up a conversation 🙂

Oh.. and one more thing:  Kids learn how to act like kids from other kids.  This may be why they keep acting like kids when they are all grown up and should know better.  They don’t know better because no one showed them how to act like an adult.  I’d rather they spend their time around all different ages instead.


So there you have it.  My answers to the most common complaints about homeschooling.  Do you homeschool?  What do you hear most often?  And if you don’t homeschool, what do you worry about for your homeschooling friends?

The images in this post are not of my family.  They were found through Google and used here to help illustrate my points.  🙂

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Melissa says 6 years ago

I just wanted to say that as a certified teacher I support your right to homeschool. However, not all folks who homeschool are as dedicated. 🙁 And, also, just as you wish people not condemn you for your decision, please do not look down upon those who send their children to school. Your “poor dears” comment seems a bit judgemental to me. Every child’s needs are different, even within the same family, and public school serves many just fine, just as private, charter, Montessori, etc. also all work for different children.

A Homeschool Confrontation in the Grocery Store At Noon says 6 years ago

[…] happened.  I feared this very thing for quite some time and I thought I had all my responses prepared.  Most people we meet when we are out at unconventional hours for school-aged chidlren are kind […]

Misty B says 7 years ago

Great post!
When someone asks me why I homeschool, I give them just a couple quick reasons THEN I ask them “what made you decide to public school your kids?” Often I don’t even get to ask cuz most people will say they couldn’t do that cause they don’t have the patience. Or need the time away from their kids (which I agree is so painful to hear).
I LOVE the socialization part. I get compliments ALL the time about how well behaved, fun, and smart my kids are. But I still get asked about socialization when people first hear that I homeschool. I’m in direct sales, and bring my kids with me to most of my parties (“playdates”), my daughter dances twice a week and my son is in Tae-Kwon-Do. Plus, come on… we have friends!! Funny how nobody takes that part into account! Don’t forget the grocery store, library, post office, bank… where other people are. It’s not like we stay inside our homes all the time, never getting out!

I hope this sheds a little light to those who haven’t even slightly considered homeschooling.

    Sandra Modersohn says 7 years ago

    I, too, have people tell us all the time how polite and well behaved my children are. They are not angels, I tell you! But I think it’s all because they have no problem talking to people, they answer when they are spoken to, they respect people who are older than them and they are kind and careful with people who are younger. I’m not sure they would have had a chance to learn these things if they had gone off to school all day!

    And I think you might be right… When people who aren’t acquainted with homeschooling hear about it, they imagine the kids shut up in their house for 7 or 8 hours like they are at school. And then, surely they aren’t involved in the extras that most school kids are so what could they possibly do in the afternoons and evenings? I can completely understand why they think the way they do. Which is why I wrote this post. I’m hoping some non-homeschoolers might read it and learn a little bit… 🙂

    Thanks so much for your comment!

Misty Folwell says 7 years ago

I really never take offence to peoples reaction or questions about our decision to home school..I use it as an opportunity to joyfully express our excitement over being able to do so! My children are right there with smiling faces, so comfortable to give their reasons why they love it! If nothing else, our enthusiasm hushes their objections:)

    Sandra Modersohn says 7 years ago

    My experience with negative reactions to our choice is rather new… We moved a few weeks ago and we were met with a lot of “oh….”‘s and “but we have really good schools here…”

    I suppose I’ll have to work on my reaction to their reaction a little! 🙂

Shelley says 7 years ago

I love this. I actually am a certified teacher, but that doesn’t seem to matter. Once I tell them that tid-bit they say “what about socialization?” Or “You are a teacher and you Homeschool!? Why?” My standard response “because I taught in the schools” We send our children to school to learn, not make friends or get an A. At home my kids learn and right along with them. Everyday I learn things that we were never taught in school.

    Sandra Modersohn says 7 years ago

    I love this! Thanks for sharing your experience as a teacher and home-schooler. It’s a great perspective to hear about! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

Amy says 7 years ago

My favorite… My daughter has dance class 5 days a week for a total of 8 hours for the week. Parents can sit in the waiting room & watch the class on the monitors. I was sitting there with another mom and we were watching my daughter in the class chatting and laughing with 3 other girls. The mom said “Don’t she miss not seeing her friends?” (?) “Um… she’s seeing them now.”

Melanie says 7 years ago

I always love the concerns people whether family, friend, or strangr gets so concerned about only child’s socialization skills, one of our former neighbors was always willing to point out his intelligence and was sue that was because of his being homeschooled but then she would next point out that he talked to her like adult to adult rather than child to adult and that was a BIG concern for her.

Carla says 7 years ago

I love this post. I have the most criticism coming from my family 🙁 Sometimes it is awkward and I just try to avoid the whole conversation. Especially because I am a SAHM. They always ask my husband when am I going to work? The “work” I do raising my kids, feeding them home cooked meals and tending to our house don’t count. It is depressing at times. It all goes away when I see that light bulb go off in my kids heads and they learn! We laugh and have a good time learning together.

    treblesand says 7 years ago

    Oh Carla! I want to give you a big hug! I’ve heard that remark about work too 🙁 In fact, part of why we moved is so that we could afford to keep homeschooling. It’s hard when your family makes you feel so bad about your choice. It is all so much easier when they can be behind you. I remember when we first decided to homeschool, my parents took me aside in their driveway as I was on my way home and they begged me not to homeschool. They changed their minds later 🙂

    I’m so glad you find courage in your children! Keep it up and know that what you are doing is right and good… even if others don’t see that. 🙂

    Jen says 7 years ago

    Carla, sometimes people think is perfectly ok to put down women who choose to take care of their family’s needs over working outside of the home. This seems to also be flip side of the coin as well when a woman works. These people need to be told that they cannot have their cake and eat too, so to speak.

Debra says 7 years ago

Great post! Yes, I’ve heard those, too! The thing that strikes me as funny is that no one who knows my children has ever worried about their socialization. The objections I get are from people like cashiers in stores who notice that I have school-age children with me during the day and start asking questions. They are ALL worried about my children’s socialization. And since I don’t make judgements about the parenting skills of people around me in a store whose children have wild haircuts or are dressed seemingly inappropriately or who are throwing temper tantrums – because I simply do not know those people and could not possibly know anything about them – then I am wondering why these strangers are so concerned about our affairs, and what makes them so qualified?? 🙂

    treblesand says 7 years ago

    “since I don’t make judgements about the parenting skills of people around me in a store whose children have wild haircuts or are dressed seemingly inappropriately or who are throwing temper tantrums”

    I Love that! lol I’m not sure what it is about homeschooling that brings out the parenting/educating ‘expert’ in people. I think it’s because we don’t do it the way everyone else does it. After all, only about 4% of kids in America are homeschooled, though the number is growing quickly. We are outside the norm and I think some parents feel like we’re saying that we know better than they do just by choosing a different path. I have seen some parents totally threatened by us and others envious that we had the courage to choose this for our family. So I don’t think they feel ‘qualified’. I think they might feel, without even realizing it, that they need to either defend their choice or tear down our choice.

    Alex says 7 years ago

    I used to get alot of those comments, at the grocery store, the post office and the bank…. but we live in a small town, the same people see us over and over. After a while what I started to hear was, your children are so well behaved! And they began conversing with them beyond “how are you?” and really getting to know them. Now my 8 year old does some shopping on her own and I know that when it comes time to let her spread her wings in those situations, there are people there who I can trust to watch out for her and help her if needed. And it has given her (and my other girls) a huge community in which to learn and communicate and thrive. Win! Win! Win!

      Sandra Modersohn says 7 years ago

      Alex, that’s awesome! 🙂 That’s how it should be, I think. Instead of kids being isolated and “misunderstood” they can be loved. Cherished. Cared about! What an amazing way for a little one to grow up!

Tawnee says 7 years ago

great post. I so agree. we get mixed reactions too and I jave definitely heard all these. loved the post!!

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