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Introducing Honor Tags!



Have you ever heard of Brag Tags?  If not, they are metal tags with all kinds of things written on them that teachers like to give out to kids as special rewards.  But, my goodness, those things are expensive!  At a minimum of 40 cents each, it’s hard for teachers to give more than a couple out in a year. 

Here’s Little Learning Lovies answer to THAT problem: Honor Tags!


We have sets that you can print off and laminate yourself and we have lots of them that we make for you and ship to your door, ready to use for about 12 cents each.  So for about $3.00, you can give a tag to your whole class! 


We have tags for welcoming them to your class (customizable with your name on the back, your grade level and your choice of 40 different backgrounds!), commemorating special events (like field trips), rewarding great character traits, celebrating the mastery of a subject (I know all about colors!) and so much more.


Even better, if you don’t see what you’d like, I can make it for you!  I love to do special requests ♥

Take a look today and give them a try!  These are a great addition to any homeschool or classroom and your students will work extra hard to earn these special rewards!

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Amanda W-B says 6 years ago

If I won the $25 gift card, I’d definitely stock up on these! I’d also get the Pre-K Super Writing Pack, and even more boxables! My LLL wish list is always growing! 🙂

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