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Science Fun All Summer Long….

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Do you struggle to add  meaningful science studies to your homeschool?  Maybe science isn’t your strongest subject.  Maybe you feel like there should be more to it all than just watching the wildlife in your backyard? 

E-Science just might be the answer you are looking for!


Right now, until Thursday, May 16th, the amazing folks as Supercharged Science have open enrollment for their summer science e-camp.  It’s really affordable, especially since you enroll your family, not individual children!  And she offers two options: You can pay in full up front or you can pay in three very easy to manage installments! 

I just enrolled our family for the first time and I’m so excited about it.  But here’s the cool part.  When I enrolled in the Summer Science E-Camp, she came up with a special bonus offer that I couldn’t pass up.  We pre-enrolled for the Fall E-Science without having to pay anything now…  We won’t actually pay anything until September, but she gave us access to the whole e-science program right away! 

Another Gift For You!

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We immediately started watching her really fun videos and my kids were all crowded around, joining in with her and interacting with her (my kids are 2nd graders, but it’s great for K through 8!).  I love that she made everything easy to understand without dumbing it down.  My kids were learning some amazing things, and tomorrow we’ll be jumping into some impressive experiments.

I’m a picky momma…  I don’t let my kids waste time on fluffy curriculum.  This is full of real, useful science content that relates directly to the world around us and how it all works.  Kids are encouraged to ask and answer their own questions using the scientific method and to apply those skills to other areas of their life.  LOVE that!

If you want to enroll in the Summer Science E-Camp, you’ll need to hurry!  Enrollment only lasts through this Thursday, May 16th!  It is SO much fun already and SO worth the small investment for your whole family!  Click here to learn more!

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