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Introducing Our New Monthly “Lovie Packs”

Little Learning Lovies is embarking on a new adventure this year.  We had some great feedback from customers as we’ve tweaked and played with this idea and we’re now ready to get going on our first ever month of Lovie Packs.

Each month, Little Learning Lovies will introduce a new set of packs centered on a particular theme.  All of the products contained in each Lovie Pack will be brand new, never before released games and activities.  You’ll be able to purchase each pack for just $14 (they will always have a retail value of $20 or more and contain at least 8 different games and activities!).  Take a look at the program details:

  • There will be two packs available each  month:  Tiny Lovies (Prek-1) and Little Lovies (1-3)
  • Each pack will only be available for one month.  It will never be offered again.  Some individual titles from each pack might be offered later in the store for full retail price, but only a minimum of 6 months after it appeared in a pack. Retail price on every individual title will be a minimum of $2.
  • Packs will always contain new material, never before released in the store.
  • Packs will always have a minimum retail value of $20 and will contain a minimum of 8 different games and activities.
  • Bonus products for families may be included.  (Calendars and Planners etc)
  • You will be able to purchase each pack for $14 or both packs for $25 (Saving you $3!)
  • You can also purchase “Lovie Pack Vouchers” in advance for a significant discount. (See Below for Details)

To start off this whole project with a bang, we’re offering the option for you to Pre-Purchase the April pack for over 60% off!  Click here to see the kinds of games and activities you’ll get in the April pack (hint: it’s a “Farm Time” theme!) and to pre-purchase for just $8.50! The April Pack is still under construction so check this description often for updated information and preview images!

How Do “Lovie Pack Vouchers” Work?

At any time, you can purchase a pack of coupon codes that will be one time use for Lovie Packs only.  Remember, each Lovie Pack will have a minimum retail value of $20.  This is a great way to get a lot of activities and games for very little.

How much do they cost?

Another Gift For You!

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The regular price of each pack is $14.  Or, if you buy both packs for the month, they are $25.  Here’s how much you can save by pre-purchasing future months.

  • A 3 month voucher pack for one pack at a time is $36  (That’s just $12 per pack)
  • A 3 month voucher pack for BOTH monthly packs is $64.50 (That’s just $10.75 per pack!)
  • A 6 month voucher pack for one pack at a time is $60 (Just $10 per pack)
  • A 6 month voucher pack for BOTH monthly packs is $107 (About $8.90 per pack!)
  • A 12 month voucher pack for on pack at a time is $96 (just $8 per pack!)
  • *BEST VALUE* A 12 month voucher pack for BOTH monthly packs is $170 (That’s just $7.08 per pack!)

Do I have to redeem a voucher every month even if I don’t like the theme?

NO!  Smile  You’ll have a full 2 years from the date of purchase to use your vouchers.  That way, if a theme comes up that you aren’t fond of, you can just skip it and use your voucher another time.

How will I get my vouchers?

Once purchased, I’ll set up your vouchers for you and email them to you in a PDF file.  They will also be kept on file here so that if you lose your email you can just email me and I’ll resend it!  Each voucher is a coupon code that you’ll be able to use only once and only on product you pre-paid for.

I’m not sure I will like the packs.  Do I have to buy vouchers?

NO!  The vouchers are here to help you save money.  Every monthly pack will be available to everyone for the full $14 price.  If, at any point, you decide that you are comfortable with the quality and variety in the packs and you’d like to save some money by pre-paying for vouchers, you may come back to the store at any time to do that.  Once purchased, vouchers can not be refunded.

I see that I can pre-purchase next months packs.  Will I still have 2 years to use that voucher?

For our first month, April 2013, we are offering a pre-purchase voucher.  This will help introduce customers to the packs for a very small cost.  Unlike our multi-voucher packs, this voucher will only be good for April 2013 and will expire at the end of the month.

Where do I see information about the current packs?

You can click here to see the current Lovie Pack offerings and sometimes preview next months pack too!  You can also purchase Lovie Pack Vouchers here.

I have more questions!  Who do I ask?

You can email me, Sandra, at anytime!

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