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Time to Tell Time!

One of my daughters is struggling with those very tricky analog clocks and their secret time keeping abilities.  She has a few particular issues but mostly, she just needs more practice figuring it all out.

Most of the worksheets that come with her regular curriculum are, to be blunt, boring!  I usually love her curriculum (Math Mammoth, if you’d like to know) but on this topic, it just isn’t working for her.  So, I decided to make some fun stuff for her… and you!

This game comes with 24 color coded cards.  There are a few ways you can use them, but my favorite way is to cut them apart and hang them up around the house (or classroom).  Then, the children take their recording sheets and go searching for the cards.  Once they find one, they write what time it says near the matching picture on their sheet.  It’s a really fun and different way to practice that gets them up and moving a bit rather than staying in their seats.

The cards in Easter “Time” – A “Telling Time” Game are color coded so you can adjust the game to fit the level of the children you are working with.  The blue bordered ones tell time to the whole hour.  The yellow ones tell time to each quarter hour and the green ones go to every five minutes.  You can hang up just one set or you can hang them all up and tell each child what color border to look for.  Or they can find one of each picture with ANY color border…

I hope you get a chance to check this one out at the store!  (And you can use “March2013” coupon code to get 10% off!)

One of the things my daughters book was working on with her was telling time with phrases.  They used “On The Hour”, “A Quarter After”, “Half Past”, and “A Quarter To”.  This proved tricky for her.  So I made this Easter themed game to help her.

Another Gift For You!

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In “A Quarter To … Easter!”, there are 32 egg cards, 16 with analog time and 16 with digital time, that children will sort to the right place on the mats.  You can put the mats in a file folder for easier game play or keep the mats apart if you’d like. 

I hope you enjoy these games!  Tell me, what themes do YOU want to see show up in the store?

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