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New For Spring!

It doesn’t matter one little bit that right now, a fierce wind is whipping snow at my window.  It’s March, by thunder, and that means only one thing to me: Spring is nearly here! 

I love spring!  I love the warm sun after the long, dark winter.  I love the birds that chirrup at my window in the morning (even though I am really NOT a morning person!).  I love the first brave bits of bright, new green that peek out, promising and hoping all at the same time.

So I’m ignoring the blast outside and I’ve been having some fun in the past few days making new games to celebrate the new season quickly approaching.  Get ready: I’ve been busy!  Smile

First, in case you didn’t catch this last time, I have redone my template for workbox tags.  What this means is that all my new sets will now have 56 cards in them!  You’ll get all the tags you’re already used to, plus you’ll get days of the week, “Work With Mum” and “Work With Dad” in addition to the “Work With Mom” we’ve always had, “Week 1”, “Week 2”, “Week 3”, and “Week 4” tags, “Something Special” and a new sheet of ready-to-program ones that will be useful for many things.

Take a look here at the new ones I’ve made for Spring and Easter.  You can grab the Piggy set for free to check out the new tag format.  These new tags still fit on our free schedule strips!

I just LOVE those fun Easter Eggs Workbox Numbers.

Another Gift For You!

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Spring Flowers Workbox Numbers are sure to brighten up your school day, no matter how much snow is still outside! Smile

And there are the Sweet Piggy tags you can try for free right now.  They aren’t free forever, though, so grab them while you can!

Here’s a fun stationary set you can use for Easter or spring!  3 versions in one pack so you always have the right paper for your project.

I’ll tell you all about the rest tomorrow.  If you don’t want to wait for me, you can always visit the “New” section of the store to see what’s happening!

Happy nearly-Spring!

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