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National Leave A Comment Day!

There’s a new holiday we can all celebrate!  How many of us are guilty of not leaving comments on our favorite blogs?  We share, we pin, we bookmark, but we don’t take the time to leave a comment any more.  I’m guilty of this, but I have to tell you.  Bloggers LOVE comments!  I find I have to bribe my readers for them though.  “Leave a comment and you could win!”  {That was an example.. Not an offer!  But seriously, I love comments!!}

{you can read more about this new holiday at “a girl and a glue gun”}

So let’s all join in and celebrate by trying hard to remember to leave comments always, but especially on Tuesday, Feb 19th! Smile

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Sandra Modersohn is a devoted wife, mother, and homeschooler. She loves great graphic design and has a passion for creating beautiful and useful printable materials for children. Little Learning Lovies where she shares her creations with the world. She can be found on Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest and, of course, at the Little Learning Lovies Blog and Store.

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Kelli says 7 years ago

Thank you for all you do for us as your readers.

    treblesand says 7 years ago

    Kelli, Thank you for reading! 🙂 And for the sweet comment. These things keep us bloggers going!

Angie says 7 years ago

What do you say when there is nothing to say?

    treblesand says 7 years ago

    good question, Angie! Usually, a simple “Thanks for writing this” works… Often, though, there’s something you can say about the idea presented in the post…

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