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Weekends, Apple Fritters & George Washington

What do those three things have in common?  Well, actually not that much.  Smile

  Except that this weekend, I made apple fritters for the first time while I was thinking about George Washington’s Birthday which is celebrated this coming Monday (NOTE: His actual birthday is on Friday, February 22nd).  A loose association, to be sure.  But one that works beautifully for what I want to tell you in this blog post! 

First, I have to tell you about those apple fritters!


Oh. My. Goodness!  This mountain of fritters worked up so quickly and easily that I can’t imagine NOT making them rather frequently.  One large apple was enough to make this whole batch.  I would say we made enough to feed at least 10 to 12 people.

Unless those people are me. 

Then it’s only enough for 1.  Smile 


I used this recipe from my sister Jennie’s blog.  Here is her amazing picture of deliciousness:

Another Gift For You!

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Cup of coffee anyone? Yum!

If you haven’t had the chance to poke around there, she is an amazing woman who homeschools her 7 darling children while living her dream life on a farm.  She writes beautifully and time spent on her blog is time well spent!  I hope you have the chance to visit with her soon.  If not, at least try her apple fritter recipe.  It is amazing!

In other news, Presidents day is coming up this Monday.  His ACTUAL birthday is really on Friday.  So we will be celebrating him and his life this coming week.

I got to thinking that you might like to enjoy a special sale on our “Quotes From Famous Americans – George Washington” set.  So it’s 50% off right now!  Your children will get to practice handwriting, memorization, vocabulary, history and so much more in this pack.  You can actually use this pack for 5 to 10 weeks of practice!  And you get the print version, manuscript version AND the cursive version all together. 

We have a few other specials you should check out too.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy celebrating George Washington.  And what better way to celebrate him that with copywork and some apple fritters?  Okay.  I know it’s a bit of a stretch, but I’m currently of the opinion that EVERYTHING should be celebrated with apple fritters

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