February 8


Did you know that I’ve been having fun making Dot Art Worksheets for my little one?  She’s two years old and in LOVE with these little dot painting bottles that Grandma gave her.  We spend a lot of time painting dots… Might be why I’ve made so many polka dot themed games lately! 🙂

Well,  I thought that if my daughter loved these so much, your children might too!  You can use these with “Do A Dot” markers or with bingo bottles or you can even just lay them flat and have your child put pom-poms in each circle.

10 color and 10 black and white jungle dot painting pages!

Those Jungle Dot Painting Sheets are a big hit around here.  Even the bigger kids wanted in on the fun!  You get 10 in full color and 10 in black and white.

And then we have these Alphabet Dot Painting Sheets.  These are simple and a great way to help little ones get used to the shapes of the letters along with a slew of other skills that are really important.  Fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, one to one correspondence, … and probably a bunch of skills I haven’t even thought of yet!  Patience?  That’s a good one to teach, isn’t it?  This set has all 26 letters plus some bonus shapes.


I hope you enjoy these with your children!



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Broken & Blessed

Broken & Blessed

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