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Workbox Wednesday–And some fun new stuff!


It’s the first Workbox Wednesday of the year and I have some cute, fun things for YOU!  But first I want to introduce you to some new products at the store, tell you about a really cool party Little Learning Lovies will be hosting on Facebook later this month, share a coupon code with you and then, share today’s freebie.

New Products This Week:

I have been having a lot of fun with Melon Headz Illustrating this week.  Nikki created a fun set called Winter Friends and they really have become my little friends!  Here in north New Jersey, it’s been cold, grey and snowy.  These little characters have done a great job of bringing a smile to my face! Smile

1. Winter Friends Assignment Cards:

These ten cards will be a great way to write out your students assignments.  (You can use them for lots of other things too, though!  Like recipe cards…)  If you use them as assignment cards, just print on card stock, label them with your subjects at the top, laminate them and then use wet erase markers, like the ones pictured below, to write out daily or weekly assignments.  Punch a hold in the upper corner of each one and put them on a book ring (also pictured below) and you have a handy way to keep your student on track!

You can get the Winter Friends Blank Assignment Cards for just $3.00 and you can use them all winter long!

Another Gift For You!

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2. Winter Friends Stationary Set

Winter Friends Stationary Set is a fun way to encourage students to write!  This set contains three packs of paper, each with 11 different designs.  The first set is blank in the middle for drawing or free writing, the second set has simple rules and the third set has primary rules for extra neat writing for young ones!

You can the the Winter Friends Stationary Sets for just $3.00 and they work for all kinds of free writing or writing prompts. 

3. Winter Friends Workbox Tags

While we’re enjoying these Winter Friends, how about some workbox tags?  Super cute, and super wintery, these friendly faces bring a smile to workbox time!  You get numbers 1-12, 2 help tags, 2 “work with mom” tags plus 16 blank tags that you can program with whatever you’d like.  Winter Friends Workbox Tags are just $2.00 at the LLL store.


I am so SUPER excited about this one!  Little Learning Lovies is hosting it’s first ever Facebook Party

On January 29th, 2013 at 9:00 pm, we’ll all be meeting at the Little Learning Lovies Facebook page and YOU ARE INVITED!  Come enjoy great discussions about games in education, breaking those winter blues that seem to hit classrooms and homeschools alike, and take advantage of giveaways, freebies, contests and sales that will be going on just for the party! 

It won’t all be about Little Learning Lovies, either.  We will be having freebies, giveaways and sales from 7 other companies as well!  I’ll let you know who as I iron out all the details with them.  But it’s going to be really fun, and full of amazing deals for you guys.

Take a moment to RSVP (the more responders, the better a deal I can work out with these companies for you!) by visiting the EVENTS page at Little Learning Lovies.  Then just click “Going” and you’ll be all set to join in!

January Coupon Code

Use coupon code Welcome2013 for 10% off all January long! 

And won’t you consider sharing this coupon code on  They don’t believe LLL is a real company!  Thanks for helping!

Today’s Freebie For You!

Well, you know I have to give you a free set of Workbox Tags, right?  That’s what I do around here on Wednesdays, so here it is, but it’s only free through Saturday!  Share the link with your friends right away so they can grab these free tags before they are back to their regular price!

This is my favorite cutie from the Winter Friends graphics set and I just had to give Snowbird her own tag set.  It’s yours FREE, but only through Saturday!

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