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Super Merry Christmas Giveaway

Thanksgiving is moments away, it seems.  Especially since I am suddenly in charge of the Family Festivities this year.  That news made Thanksgiving seem much closer than next week!  So much to tidy, so little time.  And why must the children play at a time like this?  Surely they could just clean or sit on their beds to read for the next week?  But I digress…

What with Thanksgiving being nearly here, and the Christmas season in full swing right on its heals, I have decided to put together a big giveaway for you! 

First, I want to make sure you remember about “The Adventures Of Mrs. Claus”

These are some of the sweetest, most gentle stories told in a beautifully expressive way.  They encourage sweetness, kindness, generosity and friendship through the grandmotherly figure of Mrs. Claus, who certainly knows how to give the most important things: her love and her time!   (You can visit Mrs. Claus and here a sample of the stories at!)

We listen to these stories every year in the car.  Especially on our way to some Christmas related function.  Smile

You can win a copy in our big giveaway, but I think that if you are going to add them to your Christmas tradition, go ahead and purchase the stories now.  If you win the giveaway, I’ll make sure your purchase is refunded!  So you still get to enjoy the stories all Christmas season Smile.

Another Gift For You!

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What can you win in this big Christmas Giveaway? 

There are a total of 5 winners.  2 winners will get $50 to spend at the Little Learning Lovies Store!  2 winners will get “The Adventures Of Mrs. Claus” by MP3 download.  And 1 winner (US only) will get to have “The Adventures of Mrs. Claus” on CD!  (International winners may have the option to exchange for the MP3 version or to pay the additional $12 in shipping it would cost to send the CD to you).

So: Check out the rafflecopter below and get entering!  There are a TON of ways to enter and many of them can be done daily, so you can earn a LOT of chances to win.

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