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Please Go Vote!

I love this country. 

I love it’s people.  I love it’s spirit.  I love the hope that this country stands for.

I love that in this country, we can have different opinions.  We can share those opinions.  We can question our leaders and, in fact, it is our duty to do so. 

I love that we have a voice.  We can talk to our representatives and let them know what we’d like them to work on for us.  And if they aren’t listening, come November, we can vote them out.

I love that our leader isn’t a king.  He can’t rule us.  He can lead us.  But he must listen and cooperate with hundreds of direct representatives of the people.  And if we don’t like the direction he seems to be leading us in, every 4 years we get the chance to make a change. 

I love that we are the most free nation on the planet.  But we must remember that with that freedom comes the responsibility to pay attention and make informed choices about who we allow to represent us and lead us.  This freedom we’ve got is a gift, but it’s fragile.  If we don’t act like responsible citizens, we’ll lose this freedom of ours. 

Another Gift For You!

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I love that when we make a mistake as a nation, we can fix it.  And we can get right back up and move on.  And hopefully along the way, we learn something about being a nation governed by the people.

Tuesday, we get to vote.  It’s our chance to let our leaders know what we think of the job they’ve been doing.  It’s our chance to be heard.  And no matter what they tell you on the news, your voice DOES count.  Every.  Last. Vote.

I wanted to find a way to encourage you to go and vote on Tuesday and what I decided to do is offer you this.  If you go to the polls tomorrow (or today, depending on when you read this!) I want you to email me at and I want you to let me know what state you are from and what number your ballot was when you voted.   Then, I’ll send you a $5 gift certificate to the Little Learning Lovies Store!

Only emails sent within 1 hour of the last polls closing in the US will be eligible for this gift.  Gift certificates will be sent out later this week to the email address you email me from.  Please make sure your subject says “I Voted Today”. 

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