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All Halloween Items On Sale …

I’m sure by this time tomorrow I’ll be wishing I had power (we were told to expect to lose power sometime Monday/Tuesday and we’ll be out for a week or so!), but if you are not in the path of this hurricane which bears my name (though I spell it differentlySmile

)  maybe you want to print up a few Halloween themed things.  If so, everything that isn’t free in the Halloween section is on sale right through the holiday! 

Here’s a look at the things I’ve put in there over the past few days:

First there is this CRAZY fun math game that my kids actually beg to play.  Of course they beg to play it.   I let them use candy corn as their game markers!  Here’s Halloween Roll & Remove

The rules are simple.  You’ll need two dice, game markers (12 for each player) and a game board.  We run two or three game boards at a time depending on how many people we have who want to play.  Then we have the winners play each other and the losers play each other.  It gets pretty fun!  So, on their turn, a player rolls 2 dice.  Then they choose to remove (or eat!) the game markers covering both of the numbers they rolled, OR the number formed by adding the dice, OR the number found by subtracting the dice.  Player must declare what their intention is before removing (or eating!) their game markers.  For example “I’m removing the sum, which is 9” (chomp!).  Halloween Roll and Remove is SUPER fun!  Thumbs up

Next up we have our book marks which are a really great way to NOT give out candy for Halloween. (I know… Silly me.  Maybe you could give these WITH some candy?)

The first set here is fun to make.  These are Monster Corner Book Marks and they look like they are eating your book while you’re gone!  Take a look:

Another Gift For You!

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You can put these together in an afternoon with your kids and give them out.  How proud your kids will be to answer the door and explain those little monsters!

If you want a faster-to-make version (and at this late date, I imagine you would!) there’s always this set of Halloween Corner Book Marks:

Super fast to cut out, 6 to a page and you can make one in less than a minute if you are a reasonably focused adult or in about 2 or 3 minutes if you are a child under the age of 8 who is chatting at the kitchen table with her sisters and the next-door-neighbor-girl.  Winking smile

And, of course, we have these fun Halloween Hot Chocolate Envelopes which are a perfect activity on a rainy day and fun to give out.  In fact, if you wanted to, you could fill each envelope with a hot cocoa packet AND a book mark or two!!  Gift with a bow

There’s a free sample version of these Hot Chocolate Envelopes too.  And keep an eye out!  I’m making Christmas ones too!!! 

If you do consider purchasing one of my Halloween items, or any other item for that matter, I want to thank you deeply for your support and encouragement. 

If any of you are in the path of this hurricane, know that my thoughts are with you and I wish you a safe and as-dry-as-possible week.  See you as soon as my power comes back on!  Smile

**DON’T FORGET::::: The Adventures Of Mrs. Claus Giveaway is going on still.  I’ve extended it past this storm so I can manage to pick a winner, so you still have lots of time to enter.  Please help me out by spreading the word about it to your friends and family.  I won’t be able to promote it much this week…  Just send them on over to our Giveaway page or the Giveaway tab on the Little Learning Lovies Facebook Page.  Thanks!

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