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New Clip Cards Complete the Set! (Division)

I’m not sure why, but when I was little and learning to multiply and divide, I hated division.  It took me a long time to see the patterns and realize that it’s really not so bad.  It would have been even easier for me if I had memorized my multiplication facts.  And those would have been easier if I had memorized my addition and subtraction facts.

Vowing not to allow my children to suffer from the same deficiency, I’m pretty adamant about drilling our facts. I don’t like being mean, though, so I like to make this stuff as fun as possible.  Enter: Clip Cards!

I’ve created clip cards for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts and they are a lot of fun!  Kids take a card and a paper clip or clothes pin.  They read the question at the top and “clip” their answer.  Instructions for making it all self checking are included too to they can practice independently.  You can choose which fact sets you want to practice easily because they are color coded.

We have a great bundle of our Farm Themed Clip Card Math Fact Practice where you’ll get all 4 clip card sets plus the record charts to help keep track of student progress and you’ll save $4 by purchasing them all together.

Here’s a look at the individual clip card sets in the bundle (clicking on the pictures will take you to just that set.  Click the Bundle image above to find the bundle!)

And here’s another clip card set you might like. It’s not in the bundle, but it’s fun and a great way to start little ones on clip cards…

Another Gift For You!

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These Counting Clip Cards — On The Farm are only $2.00

I hope you get the chance to try one of these fun sets.  If you want to try them before you purchase the whole bundle, you can find a FREE version of the addition cards that you can print and try.  Just visit the Little Learning Lovies Store and click on “Math”.

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