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Save & Help The Hagemanns!

Hi there!  I’ve ben busy like crazy with the blog and the store and a new program I’ll tell you about in another post.  But before we get into that new program, I want to tell you about a special bundle we’ve created at the Little Learning Lovies Store.

There is a family in the homeschooling/workboxing community who has come to my attention and I hope that in my small way I might be able to help them with their journey.  Sheri Hagemann and her husband Dave have successfully homeschooled for the past 17 years, guiding three of their four children through high school. 

You can visit Sheri’s Workboxing blog to find some amazing inspiration for your own homeschooling!  She also has another homeschooling blog you can find here.

They have felt called to adopt one or more special needs children from overseas.  Many times, these children are neglected beyond anything we would recognize as even marginally humane.  They certainly don’t have access to any programs which would help them embrace or overcome their special needs.  The Hagemann family hopes to welcome one or more of these special little people into their home and hearts. 

Visit one of Sheri’s several blogs “Seeds Of Redemption” to learn more about her adoption journey.

To do that, they need to raise quite a bit of money.  I’ve discussed some of the financial particulars with Sheri and the financial mountain they need to climb is humbling, to say the least.  Her hope is that others who learn about the plight of these children will be willing to donate to her family’s cause and help bring their new child home. 

Sheri also has a great blog about “Lapbooks and Scrapbooks”.  Some fun stuff in there! Smile

Little Learning Lovies has teamed up with the Hagemann family to help them find their new children, and here’s where you can help too!  I’ve created a special bundle at the store.  It’s full of some of our most popular games and printables. If you were to purchase these printables individually, they would normally cost $80.  The bundle is offered to you for just $50.  You will save $30 by purchasing the bundle!  But here’s the best part for the Hagemann family.  50% of your whole purchase, as long as the purchase includes the “Adoption Bundle” will be donated to the Hagemann family to put towards their adoption efforts.  In this small way, each of us can help one or more children get the loving family they so desperately need.

Where Can You Learn More?

Another Gift For You!

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The Hagemann Family is planning on working through Reece’s Rainbow, an advocacy group that works to bring loving families together with special needs children from around the world.  You can visit Reece’s Rainbow to learn more about the requirements the Hagemann Family is facing.  It’s hard to do this alone, but with love and help and Reece’s Rainbow, the Hagemann Family can do this!

What if the Hagemanns don’t end up adopting?

Right now, the Hagemanns believe they will be adopting one or more children in the near future.  If their circumstances change and they are unable to adopt after all, they will be donating any funds they have raised for adoption to a child or family at Reece’s Rainbow.  So no matter what happens, you’ll still be helping a child find a forever home!

How will the money be used?

It costs a LOT to adopt a child from overseas and the costs vary greatly depending on the country the child comes from.  The Hagemanns are in the preliminary stages of this process right now and they need to raise enough money to submit their information to a foreign country.  They must be approved by that country to adopt and then they can begin to raise money (through Reece’s Rainbow) to actually adopt.  Again, if they do not move forward with adopting for any reason, Sheri has committed to donating any funds they have raised for the purpose of adopting to a family or two for their own adoption journey.

Where Can I Find The Bundle?

Right Here!   Check it out!  It’s LOADED with goodies for you and your children and you can feel extra good every time you play one of these games, knowing that your purchase is helping a special needs child find their forever loving home.

Thank you for your help!

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