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The Adventures Of Mrs. Claus!

Mrs. Claus? 

As in … *gasp*… Christmas?

Dear readers,

I know it’s only October.  Early October at that.  And I know you are probably thinking Halloween right now.  My kids are, too.  And I think my brain is still wishing it was summer.  But all too soon, it will be November.  And this year, I’m vowing to be ahead of things.  I’m vowing to NOT be surprised by the date and to actually be prepared for the Thanksgiving/Christmas season. 

To that end, and I hope you’ll forgive me, dear reader, I have teamed up with my good friend Mrs. Claus to bring you a special giveaway in anticipation of the holiday season.  Yes.  I know Mrs. Claus.  She is a delightful, sweet, grandmotherly darling who’s generous spirit is exceeded only by her dear husband.  Always available with a gentle word of encouragement, or a delicious helping of her famous Friendship Cake, she is one of my favorite people in all the world and I’d like you to meet her too.

She has recorded a few of her stories, sweet tales of her adventures while her sweetie is out doing his work, and we’d love for your family to invite her into your yearly traditions.  We’ve worked together to set up a website where you can hear a sample of her stories and get the downloadable MP3’s of them.  You can also purchase a giftable CD which includes in it a recipe for her famous and delicious Friendship Cake! 

Another Gift For You!

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But even better than all that, we’ve set up a giveaway for you as well (Just scroll down a bit)!  2 winners will be given her stories for free to enjoy during this Christmas.  And this is why this post is happening in October!  So you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the stories before the big day. 

I believe you will truly love these sweet tales of friendship and love.  Mrs. Claus manages to make the tradition of baking at Christmas into a day of giving and friendship that her neighbors won’t soon forget!  And she tells a beautiful story that reminds us that the most precious gifts we have to give at Christmas are our time and love.

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tina says 7 years ago

i really enjoy the clip cards. and now, with the tally sheets the kids can feel ‘grown up’ about keeping track of their progress.

tina says 7 years ago

Fun! i would enjoy a new way of hearing stories with the kids. i do read-alouds at home and during the Christmas season this would be an enjoyable change.

Cherie says 7 years ago

In Philippines, we know Christmas is near the moment we hit the first ‘-ber’ month of September! 🙂

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