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New Set Of Multiplication Clip Cards!

My kids LOVE their clip cards!  They work hard through math time to squeak out a few extra free minutes at the end for clip cards and games.  We are working on addition and subtraction (yes… subtraction cards are coming soon!) but a customer recently asked me for some multiplication drill.  Well, I just couldn’t resist turning our farm themed addition clip cards into multiplication cards

Take a look:

If you’ve never used clip cards, I have to say that they are one of the most worthwhile printables.  I don’t laminate everything, in fact I don’t laminate much, but I laminate our clip cards because they are worth it!  They get used over and over by my three kids and I’m sure my little one will love them when she’s a little older too! 

Here is the addition version: (*Note: I know that the 5’s have the wrong answers in this sample pic… But they are correct in the file!  I’ll get to updating this sample image one of these days!Smile)

and here is the counting version so your preschoolers can join in with the big kids!

But Sandie, I don’t know how to use clip cards!

Another Gift For You!

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Well, don’t worry!  They are very easy to do.  After you have them all printed and cut (you’ll end up with 156 cards if you are using either the full addition set or the multiplication set!) you decide if you want them to be self checking.  If you do, just take a pencil and very lightly put a tiny dot on the back of the correct answer for each card.  Then you can laminate them if you’d like.

Now you put together a stack of cards (all of them, or just the facts you want to practice right now) and a hand full of paper clips or clothes pins.  The student then picks a card, reads the question, takes a clip and “clips” the answer they think is correct.  To check if they are right, they just flip the card over and see if they clipped the dot!

Are you ready to try them?  You can for FREE!  I have a free set of addition cards (a smaller sample of the big set) so you and your kids can try them out and see how you like them for drill practice.  You can even set a timer and graph your times, trying to improve each time!  It’s fun and easy and they can do it on their own while mom/dad/teacher is off helping someone else!  Smile  Here’s the freebie for you:


I hope you enjoy your math drill for Addition and Multiplication, and Counting for the little ones!.  I don’t think I’ve ever met a young child who couldn’t use a little more practice in these areas and I don’t see any reason why we can’t make it fun!  So go ahead and print off some clip cards!   Your kids will thank you!

**BONUS: There is a coupon good through the end of October that get’s you $2.50 off an order of $5 or more.  Just enter “TryMe” at checkout and you could get a set of clip cards for just $3.50!  What do you have to lose??**

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