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Giveaway Announcements… Please check them out!

Hi everyone!  I have some fun news for you!

First, I want you to know that our Workbox Wednesday feature will be returning this Wednesday with a fun Squirrel and Acorn theme.  You can preview it by finding it at the store.  It’s already posted today but will be free for three days this week starting Wednesday!

“Pin It To Win It” Giveaway!

I’m trying out a new kind of giveaway to see how it works out for us.   It’s a “Pin It To Win It” contest.  Here’s the really cool thing, though.  All my readers and followers will win!

<b>Here’s how it works:</b>

You and all my readers and followers will visit the Little Learning Lovies store any time you’d like between now and October 1st.  Browse around the site and pin any product you think looks cool.  You can pin as many products as you like, and you can pin one product as many times as you like.  There’s no limits here!

On the evening of October 1st, I will take a look and see which of my products has the most pins.  Which ever product wins the pin votes will be offered for free for one day only.  Everyone will be able to get that one product for free!

Another Gift For You!

(Opens in a new window so you don’t lose your current page. ♥ ENJOY!)


Doesn’t this sound like fun?  I hope you join in and pin like crazy.  You can start now if you’d like.  Please let your friends know about the contest too.  The more participants we have the more giveaways we’ll sponsor!

A Little Learning Lovies Gift Certificate Giveaway at Krazy Kuehner Days

Renita has been gracious enough to offer her review of Little Learning Lovies products.  And she’s running a giveaway right now where you can win one of two $10 gift certificates to the Little Learning Lovies Store.  Stop on by and let her know I sent you 🙂



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