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Apple Themed Noun/Verb sort!

Whew!  I got it done!  Smile

  The baby finally went to sleep and I managed to put in that little bit of time I needed to finish up this project.  1 down.  14 more to go!

So here it is: Picking Apples – Noun/Verb sort.

Take a peek:

Let me break down what’s going on in this very busy sample picture.  First, you have two mats, which you can glue neatly into a file folder.  One is the Noun Tree and the other is the Verb Tree.  Then (can you see them peeking out behind the big trees?”) there are 24 different apple cards that children will sort onto the mats.  They contain a mix of nouns (including people, places and things) and action verbs.  There’s also an envelope you can print that acts as a label for your file folder AND a place to store your apple cards.  Clever huh?

Also included in this set are three different extension worksheets.  The first (offered in full color as well as in black and white) asks children to “Pick” (get it?) one apple from each tree after they have sorted the cards.  The will write the words on their sheet and then create and write a sentence using those words.  The second (also offered in full color or black and white) sheet offers children the opportunity to cut and glue apples to the noun and verb trees on their sheet.  The third one (offered in black and white only) asks children to color the apples either red or green according to the type of word they find in the apple.

You get 12 pages of noun/verb sorting fun for just $4.50!

Another Gift For You!

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I hope you stop by the store and check it out.

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Beckie Russell says 8 years ago

One added question…if you haven’t included them, can you add in (extension pages maybe?) the state of being/linking/helping verbs? And eventually provide mats that distinguish between action verbs and state of being/helping/linking verbs? And then maybe throw in some adjectives and adverbs? Eventually? In a few weeks or a couple of months? I’m just saying, it’s a natural “extension”….love you lots!

Beckie Russell says 8 years ago

Hey Sandie,

Thanks for remembering those of us with expensive color ink! This looks really cool. One added feature of the noun/verb sort is deciding whether a particular word is a noun or verb when it can act as both! (For example, I can give you a hug or I can hug you.)

Love the tree, by the way. If you go to my website, you can see something similar I created on our wall to encourage independent reading!


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