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Labor Day Sale

Little Learning Lovies Store is having a Labor Day Sale!  Everything that’s normally priced over $2.00 is now 15% off.  If you already have a coupon you’ve been waiting to use, this is a great moment to play it! Smile

  Try something new at the store.  Give us a try.  You’ll like what you get, I promise! 

Speaking of something new, we have a new product at the store that I think you’ll like:

This 60 page PDF is packed full of beautiful counting cards, perfect for back to school and autumn/harvest themes.  Children practice counting out the right number of apples, based on the numeral on the tree card.  They also get to choose the correct numeral based on the number of apples on the tree card.  And, they get to match the big number word apples to the tree cards.  This Counting Apples pack covers numbers from 1-20.

There’s a free sample version that has all the same activities but only goes from 1-4.  Just enough to try it out and to work with your very youngest preschool students. 

Try it out and if you like it, grab the full pack.  It’s a fun, hands on activity your little ones will love doing over and over again.

I hope you enjoy these!  If you use them, please come back and let me know what you think.   I love comments! Smile

Another Gift For You!

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treblesand says 9 years ago

The full set is available too! It’s really fun and I hope you like it 🙂

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