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Quotes From Famous Americans–Free Sample Pack

It’s not quite September (which means you still have one day left to enter the Not Back To School Blog Hop GIveaway!) but I just can’t wait to get this freebie out to you.  Our two focuses this September are going to be working with money and all the math concepts that go with it and Constitution Week.  Yesterday, you got a math freebie.  Today, we’re going to be talking about our founders.

This project is a labor of love for me. I deeply love America and it’s founders and I believe that America, and the world, could be lifted to such heights if only we would take the time to learn about the founding of America and the men and women who made this country possible. To that end, I’ve created this first set of quotes for study designed for children in 1st through about 4th or 5th grade.

This sample set that you’ll see below is the print version of the first quote in the full set. It contains 11 pages of activities all revolving around the same quote. I suggest working 5 days a week on it and allowing 2 weeks to complete the sheets. Recite the quote every day and by the end, your child will have memorized important advise and ideas from our founders! Not only that, but by working through the sheets, they will have gained a better vocabulary and a deeper understanding of the quote.

That was my aim, with these sets. I want our children not to just hear the words, but to understand them. So for each quote, I chose the 5 most difficult words and produced meaningful vocabulary work around them. These are not words that your typical 2nd grader will ever be asked to study. Many of these words aren’t expected of a child until middle or high school. But they are understandable with a little help and practice. And by introducing and working with these words now, we are giving our children the keys they need to unlock not only our history, but our future. Lofty goals for a copywork pack, I know. But lets work together and see if we can’t manage it! 🙂

(In the full version, there are 5 quotes, each with 11 pages, and they are presented in print, manuscript and cursive – Full version available next week)

Take a look at some of the sheets from the sample pack. 

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Each quote set starts with learning the pronunciation, definition and spelling for 5 words from the quote.  This is done before they ever see or hear the quote.

After learning the 5 words, children listen to, read and recite the quote.  A poster of the quote is included so that you can review it often.

Students are given several different opportunities to practice writing the quote.  This helps with handwriting and with memorization and spelling.

Again, a variety of activites are included to help practice and master the definitions of the 5 vocabulary words.  Mastery is the goal here.

There are 11 different sheets for each quote (only one quote included in the freebie) and by the completion of the pack, students should have a deep understanding of the quote and be able to recite it.

I hope you enjoy it and I hope you take a moment to enter the giveaway!

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