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Workbox Wednesday–Three Day Freebie–Birthday Cupcake Workbox Tags

Well, it’s Wednesday again, and you know what that means here at Little Learning Lovies, don’t you?

Every Wednesday, here at Little Learning Lovies, we give away a set of free workbox tags.  But there’s a little catch…. They are only available for free on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Don’t worry if you miss a set you love, though.  They’ll still be available at the shop for just $2.00 per set!  (And if you take a moment to go enter our current giveaway, you could win a $10 gift card to the LLL Store. That’s enough to buy any 5 sets of workbox tags you’d like!  Or purchase just about any other products you love in the store.

And now, without further ado, we will announce this weeks Three Day Freebie.

Sweet little birthday girls with delicious birthday cupcakes will help you and your daughter celebrate her birthday month.  How delightful to be reminded that this is your special month every time you go to your workboxes Smile 

You get

  • Numbers 1-12
  • 2 help tags
  • 2 work with mom tags
  • 16 blank ones that you can program yourself with subjects, chores, specials or use for some other purpose entirely!

These Birthday Cupcake Workbox Tags (or workbox numbers or workbox labels… whatever you like to call them!) will be free for three days only, from Wednesday, August 29nd through Friday August 31th.  After that, you can still get them at the Little Learning Lovies Store for just $2.00.

Another Gift For You!

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