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Tuesday Freebie: Pre-Writing Pack for Pre-Schoolers!

It’s the last week of the blog hop.  (Did you see the Little Learning Lovies posts for the Not Back To School Blog HopClick here if you want to check them out!)  I’ve met a lot of great new friends by joining in and to celebrate, I’m going to make sure there’s a new freebie every day this week. 

Today, I’m going to show you something I’ve been working on.  This is the sample set from my newest learning pack for PreK kids.  Take a look:

This sample is completely free!  It includes 10 pages of tracing and coloring designed to help your little ones strengthen their hands and get used to that all important left to right motion.  These are vital skills for mastering the art of handwriting later on, and they help get your preschooler ready to read, as well!

Cute graphics and bright colors help make these PreWriting sheets engaging enough to repeat several times over the course of your PreK year. 

Pack includes alphabet tracing, where the letters on the sheet have similar stroke patterns.  Also, there are Do-A-Dot sheets that have children use Dot-A-Dot markers or bingo markers or even put magnets on the sheet (just put the sheet on a cookie sheet!)  Below are images and links to these products on Amazon, if you don’t already have them.

You can glue some sparkly pom-poms, stickers, scrapbook paper or anything else you can imagine onto those magnets to make them super fun!  Smile

Another Gift For You!

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I’m still working on the full pack.  It’s big!  But I should have it finished in a day or two.  If you download the sample, or any other product from the store, you’ll get an email from me when the big pack is finished. 

Before you head on to your next blog, or step away from the computer long enough to feed your children (didn’t I just make them breakfast yesterday??Smile) you might want to take a moment to go enter the Not Back To School Blog Hop Giveaway.  4 of you can win $10 to spend at the LLL store and this is the last week you can enter.  I’ll be announcing the winners on September 1st. 

Thanks for stopping by!  See you tomorrow for some free workbox tags.

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