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Thursday Ramblings, New Stuff and a Coupon!

My computer hasn’t been very nice to me lately.  Programs keep hanging up, files won’t save, things quit on me just as I’ve put the final touches on my file… and before I can save, of course!   Then I realized that my disk is nearly full and there isn’t enough empty space to let things run efficiently!  Oh.  Well.  I guess it is my fault then. 

Despite all the frustrations of the past few days, I did manage to finish a couple of things that I’m really proud of.

First is this cute All About Me book.  I’ve shared a simpler one on the blog last year, but I thought it was time to update it.  Take a look:

What do you think?  It asks lots of questions and would make a great keepsake from elementary grades. 

For those of you who don’t like to print a ton of stuff in color for your huge class of students, this All About Me Book comes (included in the same price) in black and white: See?

And you can get this All About Me book, in both color and black and white, for just $3.00  (less, if you read to the bottom of this post!)

Another Gift For You!

(Opens in a new window so you don’t lose your current page. ♥ ENJOY!)


Now this next one is the one that gave me SO. MUCH. TROUBLE.  But it’s finished!  It is a huge file, though.  156 clip cards for practicing addition facts from 0-12.  Here’s a sample image from Addition Clip Cards – On The Farm:

Color coded and adorned with lots of different sweet farm graphics, this would be a great to add to your farm theme or for autumn or spring, too!  And you can get this Addition Clip Cards Farm Pack for $6.00 at the Little Learning Lovies Store

Before we get to the coupon, have you entered the Not Back To School Blog Hop Giveaway?  There’s still time to enter and you have the chance to win $10 to spend at the Little Learning Lovies Store. 

Now… That coupon I promised you.  It’s not much, mind you, but it is enough to get a set of workbox tags or save on any product you’ve been hoping for.  Good through the 1st of September, you can get $2.50 off your next purchase by entering this code:


Got that?  That’s for $2.50 off your next order Smile

Thanks for reading today and celebrating the completion of these files! I hope you take a moment to go check them out at the Little Learning Lovies Store!

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