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Not Back To School Blog Hop Extra Freebie Tuesday–Yearly Frame Cut Outs

Remember those photos yesterday?  My kids were holding a frame which had their grade and the year on it?


(That’s Sarah.  She loves getting her picture taken!  She doesn’t like brushing her hair, though…)

Well… I have a freebie for you!  For the next few days (until Midnight, Monday August 20th, to be exact) you’ll be able to head on over to the Little Learning Lovies Store and snag a full set of these printable grade levels and year boards so that you too can take these cute photos every year for all your kids up until the year 2034!  How’s that for planning ahead?

You get 14 grades worth of grade cut outs (PreK through 12th) and 22 years worth of year boards (all the way up to 2034).  All you need to do is borrow a frame from your wall, cut out what you need and tack it to the frame and you’re ready to snap your photos!

If you download any freebie from the store, by the way, that’s worth 10 entries into the Not Back To School Blog Hop Giveaway we’re having.  So don’t forget to come back and enter!  Smile

See you tomorrow with our weekly free workbox tags!

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Kelly Brown says 7 years ago

I love the freebie for the date and grade! I have my frame ready, but just needed to add the year! Thanks for doing that for me! LOL

    treblesand says 7 years ago


    Thanks so much for the compliment… I’m so glad you can use it! 🙂

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