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Not Back To School Blog Hop–Student Photo Week!

Not Back to School Blog Hop

We’re linking up with the NOT Back To School Blog Hop again this week (whew… We’re 3 for 3 so far! Smile)  If you are visiting from the blog hop, I invite you to look around and think about subscribing to our emails.  We have weekly freebies that are usually free for only a few days, so you won’t want to miss them!  I hope you enjoy your visit here today and I look forward to seeing you here again soon!

My darling students are all in second grade together.  It’s quite a treat to be able to school them all at the same time in the same subjects.  Though it’s challenging in it’s own way, because it’s hard to remind myself to let the math whiz go ahead or to let my little story teller weaver her magic even though she really should be finishing up those sums…  Well, here they are:


That’s Sarah.  She’s a sweet little thing full of stories and imagination.  The world is her stage and she weaves a rich tale around even the most mundane daily activities.  Her creative spirit makes learning history with her quite a delight, as she helps make the stories come alive.


That’s Josie.  She is a darling who manages to manipulate complex numbers and operations in her head without ever being told how.  Her sisters get a little jealous of her at math time.  She is also very proud of her missing front teeth!


And there’s Katie.  She is a deliberate girl who carefully considers every source of information before moving forward.  She has intense concentration which allows her to manage even her most difficult subjects. 


And last, but certainly not least of all, is our Anna.  She is nearly 2 years old now, though I feel like that can’t possibly be correct.  Yes.  It is.  I just checked the calendar.  She is a ball of energy (can you tell it’s hard to get a non-blurry shot of her?) and she loves to be included in school time.  She has  managed to glean all kinds of information and skills just from hanging out with us during our more formal school hours.  She may be getting a little bit of special “school” time from us this year, but I’ve made no real plans about that yet.  I’m thinking she might have “read with a sister” time. 

Another Gift For You!

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Well, there are our students this year.  Do you like the 2nd grade pictures?  Come back tomorrow for a special freebie.  All you’ll need is a frame and you’ll be able to take a similar picture of your sweet homeschooler, and you can repeat the same type from Kindergarten through 12th grade! Smile  Won’t your high-schooler be so pleased with you! lol


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Stephanie says 7 years ago

I can’t believe how much they’ve changed! We haven’t been gone that long! Can’t believe Anna’s a real-live “kid” now. She’ll be on the bowling team soon!

Sam @ Sam's Noggin says 7 years ago

What a fun way to remember the school year! Enjoy!

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