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For Love Of the United States Of America

I love my country.  Deeply.

I did so in a sort of nebulous way years ago.  I knew in my heart that the US was the best country on the planet.  But why?

Why was a question I couldn’t answer.  And that didn’t sit very well with me, once I realized that I couldn’t back up my opinion with any real, solid reasons.  So I began to read.  A lot.  I learned the history of how our country came to be.  Not the watered down version I learned in school where some old guys got mad about tax on tea so they threw it all into the harbor in some infantile fit, signed a document, fought a war, inevitably won it and … Ta-da!  The US was born.  (isn’t that basically what they taught you too?)

The history I’ve learned, and am still learning because it is all so fascinating and incredibly important to understand if we are to keep our freedoms today that those “old guys” gave us, tells a rich story of bravery, treason (because really, what else do you call it when your colony declares it won’t be listening to the king anymore?) and quite possibly divine providence, as George Washington firmly believed.  These men did not act rashly, or without considerable debate.  They welcomed an open discussion about the possibilities and pitfalls of the course they were considering.  And in the end, they realized, even the most critical among them,  that, for better or for worse, freedom was worth the cost.  They knew the road would be more difficult than anything any of them had ever been through before.  But, if you’ll allow me to paraphrase, they deeply believed that of 1000 men, if just one were left alive at the end of it all and that one man were to be left standing on free soil, it would have been worth all 999 lives lost.  And they weren’t speaking of other peoples lives.  They were talking about their friends, family, neighbors and above all, their own lives.  That, to me, is the very definition of conviction!

Below I have an incomplete list of things I’ve read, and my children will read when they are older.  Also, there is an amazing website that I’d like to direct you to full of free unit studies and lessons for your children both elementary and middle/high school.

I hope you take some time to learn or re-learn about our country and it’s rich and amazing history.  Help your children grow to love this republic and make sure they know why it’s worth defending.  Help them understand that being a citizen isn’t just their birthright full of privileges that come with living in the freest nation on Earth.  It is also full of duties, as they work to protect the freedoms that our founders gave us, hoping we could keep it.

Another Gift For You!

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Constitution week is September 17th through the 23rd this year.  Consider celebrating it with your children at home, in school, at church, in your playgroup, anywhere you have the opportunity to teach a little bit about the real history of our country.  As we get closer to Constitution Week, I’ll post some crafts, activities and printables that you can use to make the celebration meaningful.  But in the mean time, pick up one of these books and learn to love our founders so you can pass that love on to your children, won’t you?

And here’s that site I told you about for your children. All you have to do is sign up for a free account and you’ll get access to hundreds of free resources, very well put together, that you can use to teach your children what it means to be a patriot!

Please note: All of the book images, when clicked on, will take you to where you can find most of these for the Kindle, or in hard print.  Affiliate links were used for the Amazon images.  If you decide to make a purchase through any of these links, I will get a tiny percentage which is used to procure books for our homeschool.  Each and every book listed there I have read and believe to be important for every American to read! Thank you for your support. 

The Raising Re-founders site, linked to with the final image in the post, is just a fantastic resource I think you should check out.  I am not compensated in any way for including it in this post.

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