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Friday Freebie–Daily and Weekly “to-do” lists

It can be so hard to keep up with everything.  And while a family calendar goes a long way toward  making life a little more manageable, to-do lists have to rank second on my list of best ways to keep my days running smoothly.

As much as I love them, my kids love them more!  There is something so incredibly satisfying about knowing what has to be done, and getting to mark it complete when you’ve done it. 

To that end, I’ve created these lists and schedules for you, that match that fun Curriculum Planner I featured last week.  Here’s a peak:

There are two sheets each of these two different weekly styles.  On set of them goes from Monday through Friday for a standard work/school week.  The other goes from Monday through Sunday.

Also included are 4 versions of the daily lists above.  Being a workboxing family, I made each list 12 items long.  You can use them to plan out your specific boxes for each day, or just as a general list, if you don’t do workboxes.

And, of course, we had to have a daily schedule.  Sometimes I forget that learning to schedule and use time wisely is an important skill my kids need to learn.  In fact… I think I need to learn it right along with them!  Both of these daily schedules go from 7 in the morning until about 8:30 at night and the go in 1/2 hour increments.  A great starter schedule, I think.

Another Gift For You!

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You can get this whole packet of lists and schedules for free this weekend!  Friday through Monday, in fact.  After that, it’s just $2.00!  I hope you enjoy it.

Just a reminder that there are more freebies available for you if you missed them earlier this week.  You can still grab the workbox tags from Wednesday and the Assignment Cards from Tuesday.   And if you download a freebie, that’s worth 10 entries in our Not Back To School Giveaway! Have you entered the giveaway

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Like everything you make, it’s beautiful! Love the design! Thanks for the resource!

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