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Friday Freebie and Flash Sale Alert

Happy Friday!  Smile

   In keeping with the Not Back To School Blog Hop Extras I promised you, today I’m very excited to bring you this FREE set of color posters.  I had so much fun making these.  Take a look:

Aren’t they fun?  I just realized that the three I put in the sample picture all have nearly the same background.  In reality, the blue dots stay the same, but the color in the back changes to make the posters more interesting.

This Colors poster set is actually part of a larger set that includes Numbers, Shapes and the Alphabet.  Here are some sample images of the full set (where you can see what I mean about those backgrounds!)

Aren’t they fun?  The Alphabet set includes TWO versions of X, Fox and Xylophone.

You can get the Colors set by itself for free at the store.  And you can purchase the whole pack for just $4.00!

Flash Sale Alert:

Folks, the LLL store is REALLY close to having it’s first 100 orders completed.  Now, just like the 100th day of school, we are going to celebrate this 100th order as soon as it happens with a flash sale!  Keep your eye on Twitter, Facebook and the blog right here today to find out when this special 1 hour only 50% off sale will take place.  This will be the perfect time to get whatever you’ve had your eye on at the store.  But you’ll have to act in a flash!  Smile 

Another Gift For You!

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(Psst….  you can still get some of the other freebies from this past week!  Click here to find the free workbox tags from this week and click here to check out the cool free curriculum planner from Tuesday.  Those are only free for a short while so get them while you can!)

Oh… And don’t forget to enter the big Giveaway!  You can win a $10 gift certificate to the LLL store 🙂

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