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Workbox Wednesday–Super Gators!

Well, it’s Wednesday again, and you know what that means here at Little Learning Lovies, don’t you?

Every Wednesday, here at Little Learning Lovies, we give away a set of free workbox tags.  But there’s a little catch…. They are only available for free on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Don’t worry if you miss a set you love, though.  They’ll still be available at the shop for just $2.00 per set! 

And now, without further ado, we will announce this weeks Three Day Freebie:

Super Gators to the rescue!  Don’t you just love their sweet little super hero faces??

Here’s what you get:
* Numbers 1-12
* 2 HELP! tags
* 2 Work With Mom tags
* BONUS – 16 matching tags that you can program yourself! 🙂

I have a question for you:  Have you used any of my tag sets before?  If you have, let me know if you use the blank tags and what you use them for… I’d love to hear from you about that! 

Another Gift For You!

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Reminder To Send In Requests

Just want to remind you that this and all the other super hero stuff that’s been added recently to the store is there because a customer requested it.  She received a 50% off coupon good towards any purchase at the store, big or small.  So if you request something that hasn’t been made for the store yet, I’ll make it and when it’s released in the store, you’ll get a special coupon in your email just for you! Smile  Email your requests to    Your request can be for workbox tag themes or for games on a certain topic or with a theme or … whatever you need to make your homeschool or classroom more fun, useful, educational …  I’m here to make it for you!

Affiliate Program

Do you have a blog?

Little Learning Lovies is looking for blog owners who post content about early childhood education, homeschooling, and families to help spread the word about LLL.  Affiliates get special coupons to give their readers, and LLL will even give you special gift certificates for you to use in a giveaway (you can run quarterly LLL giveaways if you’d like, or just do it once.  You choose what you think fits your blog)  You’ll earn 10% of every purchase made using your special coupon code.

Don’t have a  blog?

You can still be an affiliate by email.  I’ll send you a special coupon code that you can use to let your email groups know about the store.  You’ll earn 10% every time your coupon is used in the store!


Just email me at and let me know you’d like to be an affiliate.  I’ll be glad to get you up and running! 

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