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Whew.. It’s nearly August: HOLD ON TO SUMMER!

Has anyone else looked at the calendar lately?  I just did.  Suddenly felt like I needed to know when I should plan on planning on planning for the coming school year and there I stood, face to face with my calendar, exclaiming over the unfairness of it’s allowing July to slip right past me without any warning.  Surely calendars shouldn’t be allowed to do that.

So here we are, with July nearly gone.  But only nearly!  After I got over my initial panic, I realized that, although things are coming up a little faster than I thought, I still have plenty of time left to enjoy the summer weather with my family.  So here’s my 2012 “Hold On To Summer” plan.


What plans do you have to keep summer from passing you by before you can blink?  Plans can be big or little, big expensive trips or simple backyard fun.  I’d love some more ideas! Smile

Happy summer!!

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treblesand says 7 years ago

Well, I was planning on swimming today, but weather didn’ cooperate and my husband has a nasty stomach bug…. So we’re snuggled together watching the Olympics and there’s some tasty chicken roasting in the oven for dinner. Maybe we’ll swim tomorrow… 🙂

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