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Workbox Wednesday–Three Day Freebie!

Every Wednesday, here at Little Learning Lovies, we’ll be giving away a set of free workbox tags.  But there’s a little catch…. They will only be available for free on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Don’t worry if you miss a set you love, though.  They’ll still be available at the shop for just $2.00 per set! 

And now, without further ado, we will announce this weeks Three Day Freebie:

These Beach Koala Workbox Tags are FREE and perfect for this time of year, don’t you think?  Well, hopefully that’s where I’ll be tomorrow… On the beach.  But I don’t expect to see any Koalas!  Smile 

If Koalas aren’t your thing, we also have Beach Turtles Workbox Tags, Beach Kitties Workbox Tags, Summer Kids Workbox Tags and Pretty Mermaids Workbox Tags, all of which would be a great choice for summer workboxing

And I’d love to remind you about our Summer Olympics Workbox Tag set.  The Olympics officially open on July 27th.  Wanna see the tags?  Click here!  They are super cute. 

Thanks for visiting!  I’d like to take a moment to encourage you to share this post with friends and groups you think might be interested in these freebies.  Even if they don’t workbox, let them know about the weekly freebies.  We’ll be adding in new freebie events soon, and they won’t want to miss ‘em!

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