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I just LOVE this time of year.  Sun.  Flowers.  Time spent outside just being a fun mommy without the pressure of being teacher, too.  Not to say we aren’t busy, because we are.  There are swimming pools that need us to swim in them, trips that need planning and taking, and of course there’s the dishes and laundry.  Oh, the laundry… 

But I digress.  You see, the thing I love so much about this time of year, from a homeschooling point of view, is that I get to change and plan and adjust and think and create and open my mind to the millions of possibilities our next school year holds for us.

I’m not too worried about curriculum.  I’ve got that mostly figured out, and have since the middle of last school year.  My biggest concern right now is how we can make our schooling space better.  And how can I make housework and schooling co-exist happily together.  Is that even possible?  The blogging world is full of pictures of amazing school room posts followed by incredibly clean kitchen pictures.  How can that possibly be?  I think it must be a case of amazing moms putting their best face forward and then hiding when the dishes pile up and those little paper bits and crayon pieces that always seem to gather in the school area have actually made it difficult to discern what color their carpet is.  At least that’s what I tell myself when I forget what color my school area carpet is…

All this to say, I’m in the market for some great school ideas.  Here’s my situation: I live in a 3 bedroom home with 4 kids.  All the bedrooms are taken.  So we don’t have a school room.  (Basement is home office for my husband)  We school at our dining table.  We eat at our dining table.  And our dining table lives in our living room, which isn’t really big enough to serve both purposes, but we try.  Last year I turned our coat closet into a school closet.  It works… Sort of.  But we’re schooling three kids regularly and I just have so many books and resources that pile up.  Something must be done! (Oh how I long for a school room!)

What will be done?  At this moment, I have no idea.  But that’s kind of cool too!  I’m pretty sure I’ll come up with something really cool.  And it will probably work for a couple of months.  Maybe, if I’m lucky, it might sustain us through the February doldrums.  That’s my goal this year: 6 months of schooling ease.  Once March hits, I’m always ready to change things up again anyway, so if it fails me then, it’s all good.

I’ll be sure and show you what I come up with.  Probably sometime in August.  We’ll probably start into school near the end of August or early September.  Maybe I should nail that schedule down a bit, too, while I’m working on the school, meal, life area of the house.  In the mean time, though, do you have any suggestions for how to set up a school area where you live and eat and work every day?

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