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The Graphics Problem + Special Graphics Freebie With Easy TOU!

There are a huge number of creative people out there who want to make and share educational games, often for free.  These are Moms and Dads and Teachers who want to invest their own time into something that will be useful to others with their classes or homeschools.  And even though they just want to be helpful, often the Terms Of Use attached to clip art require that they keep their creativity to themselves and never share.

I’m not an incredible artist, but I have a few things that I can share with you.  I’ll be sharing here some things that I created just for you game makers out there.  Each time I produce a new set, I’ll give a small number of the images away for free and the whole set for just a dollar or two.  But here’s the great part.  If you are using these images for educational purposes and sharing them for free, you can use them to your hearts content!  If you plan on making games and selling them, I ask that you purchase a commercial license for an additional fee.  Each set will have a purchase button that will allow you to choose which license you’d like to purchase.  And then you never have to worry about it again!

I do, of course, ask that you give credit somewhere in your game linking to this website.  You also promise to never share just the images.  They should be shared in a secured file where the images can’t be copied out.  (For example, a secured PDF which does not allow copying of images).  Click here to see my full TOU.  Don’t worry.  It’s simple… Just one page.

Sound good to you?

Well here’s a first sample.

Here’s my new Kite Kit!  Above is just a small sample of what’s actually in the whole kit.  Oddly enough it’s a slightly different sample than the sample set you’ll get to download in just a minute, but hey…. It’s my first one, so go with me, okay?

Another Gift For You!

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The full kit contains:

4 different rainbows

2 suns

3 different clouds (happy, sad and mad)

14 bows (for kites …  Solid and patterned)

5 kites

4 frames

A total of 32 images!  And it’s just $1 if you’d like to use them to create free games for others and $12 if you’d like to get a commercial license.

Ready to download your FREE SAMPLE?  Just click here to download your free set of Kite Kit images.

Ready to purchase the whole set?

Choose Lisence Type

**NOTE: when you purchase, you will get an email within about 24 hours which will include an attachment of the graphics in a ZIP file.  If you do not get this email within 24 hours, please send me a message at**

If you do go ahead and make something with this new set of easy TOU graphics, please come on back here and leave a link for us in the comments section. We’d love to take a look and celebrate with you!

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