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Kids Contest: April Showers Challenge

I came across these lovely drawings and immediately thought how fun it would be to have the children create their own story to go along with these darling pictures.  Then I thought, why not share with you lovely families. And then I thought, why not make it a contest!

So here you go!

There are two different challenges to try your hand at.  Each challenge is broken up by age groups (so a three year old won’t have to compete with a 16 year old!).  Choose which challenge you’d like to join (or both!), download your Challenge Pack for your age group and follow the instructions to enter.  You’ll be emailing submissions to  All submissions are due by Friday, April 29th!

The first Challenge is the April Showers Writing Challenge.
You’ll be looking at 6 pictures and creating a story to go with them.  I’ll be choosing a winner from each age group.  Then I’ll use the winners stories to create a book that I will offer as a free download here!    So go ahead and click your age group to download your entry pack:

The second challenge is a drawing challenge.
You will be adding a 7th image to the series to show what you think might possibly happen next to this little rain soaked girl.  There is only one packet to download for all age groups.  When you email me your submissions, please make sure you include the child’s age so I know what group to put the drawing in!

Drawing Challenge Pack

I’m looking forward to seeing what you all send in!

Another Gift For You!

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Contest Details:
This contest is open to ALL students who are 18 years old or younger.  When emailing submissions, please send them to and make sure you include your first name, last initial and home city, state.  This information (and no other personal information) will be published with your entry if you win!  The winner will ONLY receive recognition on this website.  I will personally create a book with each of the winning submissions.  The book will be available to the winner and all other visitors to this site as a downloadable and printable PDF file.  There is no other prize involved with this contest.  The winners of the drawing contest will see their artwork displayed here.  I reserve the right to publish some or all of the remaining entries here on this website.  (Wouldn’t a few runners up like to see their work here too?)  If you have any questions, send an email with QUESTION in the subject line to

And please SHARE this contest! Tweet about it, post it on facebook, let others know by posting about it on your blog.  The more entries, the more fun!!

Happy April!

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brandy says 9 years ago

Did you pick a winner yet for the story? Is the contest closed, time got away an I forgot to post my daughter’s story.

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mom of k and k says 10 years ago

Can’t wait to show these to my daughter…she is quit the artist and I bet will love these two contests! have a great day!

    treblesand says 10 years ago

    I’m looking forward to seeing her entries 🙂 Thanks for joining in the fun!

Anna-Marie says 10 years ago

Just downloaded your writing contest going to try to get my children to do it for their writing assignment this week. I have two reluctant writers so we will see how far I get:) Good idea:)

    treblesand says 10 years ago

    Let me know how it goes! I wish you luck!

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