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Extra Fun Friday! Fun With Letters

I saw a cute idea on The First Grade Parade where she took letter tiles, spelled words and then put the tiles for each word inside a cute little heart shaped box.  At center time, her children were asked to dump out the letters from one box and figure out what word she had spelled for them.  The wrote it on a record sheet with numbered hearts to match the boxes.

We’re going to do this activity by putting these letter tiles in plastic Easter eggs!  You can use anything you have handy, though.  Baby food jars, little trinket boxes, small coin envelopes…  Feel free to add your ideas in the comments!  We’d love to hear what else you can do with these fun letter tiles.

Download Here

These are cute ones that have little birds in the background and nice big, bold letters.  You could even have your kids cut out their own set and glue down the tiles that make their spelling words for the week, or how about sight words?  Let them make their own word wall!

Whatever you do with them, I hope you enjoy them!  They were fun to make and I suspect I will be making more themed letter and word tiles in the not too distant future.  Let me know if there’s a theme you’d like to see!


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