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Weekly Wrap Up

We’ve made a lot of headway this week in several areas. The kids are all a lot better with coins. With Sarah, who just turned 5, we’ve been working mostly on recognizing, counting and tallying them. She can count the cents if she’s given one nickle, dime or quarter and several pennies. Katie and Josie are great with any combination of nickles, dimes and pennies or one quarter and pennies. We’ll continue our work on coins next week.

We’ve also been working on place value. We haven’t gotten very far into our study of this particular topic yet, but they’ve easily grasped the idea of a tens place and a units or ones place. We just got some base ten blocks and we’ll be enjoying them for the next few weeks. You can print some out if you’d like right here! We put tiny bits of magnetic tape on the back of each piece so we could use them on the magnetic white board we have up.

We’ve also been making steady progress through our reading and spelling books. We use All About Spelling, which the kids love! Some of the words are really easy for them, but I felt it was important to spend the time going through the rules and habits built in book one before we run ahead to book two. So we do one step in the book each week, practicing spelling the words with tiles, writing the words on paper, segmenting the words out loud and in our heads. I think it has been a great benefit to all three of them.

We also use Ordinary Parents Guide To Teaching Reading and First Language Lessons of the Well Trained Mind. OPG can get dry, so we write a few of the words each wee up on the board for the kids to read to me. I also write some of the stories up on the board and they take turns reading the sentences. It’s always more fun to read a pink sentence up on the board than a black and white one in the book. 😉

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