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Fun Friday: Ready, Set, Spell

We use All About Spelling and my kiddo’s just love going up to the magnetic board to move those letter tiles around to spell their words.  It really does a great job of helping them learn to visuallize the words in their head before they write them down on paper.  Even my just-turned 5 year old has learned to do this right along side her just-about-to-turn 6 year old sisters.  It’s magic, I tell you.  Pure magic.

But to make it even more fun (not that we needed to!) we have begun having races.  One child runs to the board, the other to our refrigerator (where we have some leapfrog letters) and the first one to spell the word correctly and get back to their seat wins!

It helps that our refrigerator and our board are about equidistant from their seats.  And it helps that the board and the refrigerator are situated so that you can’t see one from the other, so no cheating is possible!  If your home is not so ideally set up for this game, you could take a cookie sheet and a basket of letters and set them in an appropriate spot.

Hope you have fun with this idea!  I know we do!  🙂

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