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What’s In The Box Wednesday!

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Happy March, everyone!


It’s Wednesday, which usually means crazy times here at our house.  Well, not that crazy really, but any time we have outside commitments, is seems crazy.  We never manage to accomplish all that I have us set to do, but the important stuff always gets done and Wednesdays are always fun.

Before I list our boxes for today, I wanted to tell you about an activity that we have in our boxes today:

We’ve been working on money, coin recognition, values etc.  So today, after seeing something similar over at the First Grade Parade (She used heart shaped boxes with letter tiles in them and had her kids figure out what each box spelled. Cool, huh?), I filled three baby food jars (you work with what you’ve got, right?) with random sets of coins.  Then I printed out three copies of a sheet where on one side the kids will practice tallying the different types of coins and on the other side, they’ll graph how many of each type of coin they tallied.  Each jar is marked ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’ so that on their papers they’ll have a tally and a graph for each letter.   When they are done, we’ll come together and check our answers as a group.

Okay…  Here are our boxes today!

1: Flag salute, calendar time, weekly poem review

Another Gift For You!

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2: Ordinary Parents Guide To Teaching Reading

3: First Language Lessons Of The Well Trained Mind

4: All About Spelling

5: Continue Working on our Antonym Story Books (the kids are writing these)

6: Coin 4 Square game

7: Letter Q writing sheet (From Confessions Of A Homeschooler)

8: Coin Tally and Graph Activity

9: Letter Q Letter Hunt (From Confessions Of A Homeschooler)

10: BDPQ Trail Game

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Janet W says 9 years ago

Thanks for sharing. The BDPQ game looks fun. I really could have used it a few years ago.
Janet W

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