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Amazing Alphabet: Letter B (2)

I was so good at getting those first few sheets out on a regular schedule, wasn’t I?  And I was so proud of myself, too.  I had planned it all out ahead and followed through beautifully.  That is … until we got hit with some serious sickness in our house.  That just derailed everything!

We’re all on the mend now, though, and I’m back to getting these things out to you.  I thank you for being patient with me!

Here’s our second letter B activity.  It’s some handwriting practice for you!  Actually, there were so many fun B graphics to play with, I made two of them!



By the way, if you do use this sheet, I’d love to have a comment from you!  Sometimes I think I’m just writing to a gigantic empty room…..  😉

Another Gift For You!

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