February 12

A Last Minute Valentine Gift For You

I was sitting here making fun things for Valentine’s Day and I got a little carried away.

Here’s a surprise printable for you, just in time for Surprise Sunday and just barely in time for the holiday it’s created for.  Don’t worry, you can use it all month and I’m sure the kids won’t mind.

Oh.  Maybe I should tell you what it is…

Quite simply, these are fun and colorful hearts, a little over an inch and a half in size.  Half of them have uppercase letters on them and the other half have lowercase letters on them.  You can glue the uppercase pages into a file folder and have the children match the lowercase letters to them.  Or you could print several sets and spell words with them.  Or, you could even print a whole bunch of them and use them to spell out Valentine messages, either to put in a card for family and friends, or to post up on the wall or bulletin board.  Let me know what your ideas are.

Download Alphabet Hearts Here

Whatever you do with them, make sure it’s fun!  That is, after all, what this holiday is about.  Love and fun 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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