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Fun Friday: Fun With Egg Cartons

Welcome to another edition of Fun Friday!

We usually try to make Friday all about fun.  We do a few of the “have to” subjects and then we get playin’!

Our fun must, of course, have some sort of educational value.  My daughter came up with this game when I gave her an egg carton that I had emptied just that morning.  It held 2 and a half dozen eggs.  She was thrilled!

First she just started throwing little Legos into it.  Then she decided this would be more fun if you could score points.  So she cut up little bits of paper and wrote the numbers 1-30 on them.  She put one paper in each little cup.

Then we had fun each choosing a color Lego to be.  We each threw 5 Legos and added up our points.  Whoever had the most points won that round.

If you want to make this game at home, you can certainly just write the numbers in the bottoms of the cups.  She didn’t think she was allowed to do that ;).  Also, you could write numbers on the post part and toss rings on it!  Maybe a combination of the two.  Or maybe you could write Greater Than and Less Than symbols on the posts and toss one ring to decide if the person with the most or least points will win.  Or maybe toss one ring to decide if you need to add or subtract.  The possibilities are endless, aren’t they?

I love it when my brain gets going on these things 😉

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Happy Fun Friday!

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