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Fun Ideas Friday – A New Game For You

Welcome to Fun Ideas Friday!

As I mentioned on Wednesday, the kids and I worked out this fun new game to practice the difference between lowercase b, d, p and q.  They can get awfully confusing, can’t they?  So, after spending a few weeks just focusing on each letter individually, we’ve enjoyed this game all week, combining all four letters.

My Children with our new creation.

At the bottom of this post, you’ll find a download link so you can play this game with your children as well!

Here's a game in progress.

The game download includes the game board, label with directions, game pieces, and four sided die.

I just adore these little animals, don't you?

In the above picture, you can see the game pieces and the four sided die.  When you roll, you pick it up and look to see what’s on the bottom.  That’s your letter.  Then you just move your adorable little animal (Hippo, Penguin, Giraffe or Owl) to the next instance of that letter on the game board.

An overview of a game in progress. Note: You are looking at it upside down here! 🙂

Doesn’t this look like fun?  Be warned:  This learning game comes with lots of giggles.   Don’t play it while the baby is napping!  😉

Download Here

Another Gift For You!

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Jill says 9 years ago

What a fun game and how kind of you to share! Hopped on over from the workbox group–very cute blog :o)

    Sandra Modersohn says 9 years ago

    To Jill: Thank you for your kind words and after all the workbox group has done for me, I feel it’s only proper that I should find a way to give back! Hope you find things here you can enjoy with your family 🙂

Tracy says 9 years ago

I LOVE THIS! My son also has problems identifying these letters. Thank you!

Latyia says 9 years ago

Wow I was just looking for help for this from my homeschooling friends on Facebook. Thanks ALot

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Leann @ Montessori Tidbits says 9 years ago

What a cute game; we’ll definitely have to play it next week! I’ve really enjoyed looking over your blog today, and I now follow via Google reader (your RSS subscribe link isn’t working). I hope you’ll hop over to our blog and check it out too. I’m planning on posting some early reading activities this month.

    treblesand says 9 years ago

    I didn’t even know I had an rss link! lol I think I made it work in the side bar. Would you be willing to check it out and let me know if that’s what you were looking for? And thanks for subscribing! I’m so excited 🙂

Jessica says 9 years ago

I love it! I’ll be using this to practice with my son who has a hard time differentiating between these letters. Thank you!

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