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What’s In The Box Wednesday!

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Happy Wednesday!

You know, I always wait to post this feature until my Wednesday boxes are totally awesome.  Truth be told, Wednesday is usually a pretty busy day for us, so I try to keep it pretty simple and basic for the sake of my own sanity.  And so, I’m throwing my perfectionism right out the window and I’m just going to let you see what we do on Wednesday!

(Sorry there aren’t any pictures, but I realized that if I waited until I had taken photos, uploaded them and organized them etc. I’d never get this done!)

Here we go:

Our Wednesday Boxes This Week:

  • Box 1: Pledge of Allegiance, calendar time and Morning Message review.
  • Box 2: Ordinary Parents Guide To Teaching Reading
  • Box 3: First Language Lessons Of The Well Trained Mind
  • Box 4: All About Spelling
  • Box 5: Practice Writing the letter P
  • Box 6: Simple math worksheet (sort of a warm up)
  • Box 7: Place Value Lesson (day 4)
  • Box 8: Another simple math worksheet
  • Box 9: Pumpkin Graphing (for letter P)
  • Box 10: BDPQ Trail (A game my kids and I created.)

We’re experimenting with a new addition to our school day because I felt like my younger daughter needed a bit more review and that my older daughters needed a bit more challenge and independence.  After we complete our ten boxes together (which on a light day like this should take us under 1 1/2 hours) we set the timer for folder time.  I have a hanging file organizer in which I have a folder for each child and a ‘finished work’ folder, along with several file folder games that anyone can enjoy.  During folder time the children must be working on something from their folders.  I fill their folders with worksheets and games geared toward their individual interests and review needs.  I do not ever put anything difficult or new in there.

So far, this has been a pretty exciting addition to our day.  My children look forward to seeing what surprises I have left for them and it has become a beautiful way to let them know that I’m listening and paying attention to what they like and don’t like, which in turn reminds them just how much I love them!  Pretty amazing for a file organizer, huh?

Another Gift For You!

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I’ll be posting pictures of our workbox area and how we manage to do everything without a dedicated school space in the coming weeks, but in the mean time, keep your eye out for some new free printables.  I’ll be sharing the game in our Box 10 today later this week and I have a few things up my sleeve for Valentines Day.

I hope you all have a great Wednesday!  🙂

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Janet W says 9 years ago

Looks like a good day. I can’t wait to see photos.
Janet W

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