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Collecting Myself

As the year draws to an end, I’m evaluating the things that worked this year and the things that didn’t. I’m looking forward to next year, when I officially dig into my new life as a homeschooling mom, as I look back over the past year as a trial of sorts. I like what we’ve done. I love how far we’ve come in such a short time. But more than that, I simply adore the closeness that our experiences have brought to our family.

I’m feeling very prepared for the holiday this year, far ahead of where I usually am by this time, and I’ve been spending some time putting together my ideas for 2010, a sort of guide to what I want to cover with the kids and how I want to do it. We’ll be using a form of workboxes to accomplish it all and I know we’ll have to allow the system to morph a bit to accommodate our changing needs as we progress through the year. I’m looking forward to the tasks ahead of me, and to sharing it all with you here. I expect there will be many downloads I can share with you and, if you have children in preschool or kindergarten, I’d love it if you would give me your feedback on any projects you use with your own children.

I probably won’t be posting much here until the new year starts, so I’d like to take this moment to wish you a very happy holiday, and a prosperous new year.

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Sandra Modersohn is a devoted wife, mother, and homeschooler. She loves great graphic design and has a passion for creating beautiful and useful printable materials for children. Little Learning Lovies where she shares her creations with the world. She can be found on Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest and, of course, at the Little Learning Lovies Blog and Store.

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