US Geography Resource Bundle!

It’s HERE!!!  The all-new Us Geography Resource Bundle from Little Learning Lovies is OFFICIALLY RELEASED and on crazy-sale during launch week! (9/5-9/12 2016)

UPDATE: This US Geography Resource bundle now has 17 19 files in it and has a full value of $129!  


Note: This HUGE Geography resource bundle is all digital. These PDF downloads can be printed again and again for your family members or co-op group! 🙂 That makes it an even BETTER deal! ♥

Did you win this US Geography Bundle?

We ran a big giveaway right before launch day.  If you downloaded the freebie we shared (which is no longer free.. now it’s in the bundle!) you were automatically entered to win!  We’ll share WHO WON after we share all the awesomeness that is in this bundle! ♥  GOOD LUCK!

What’s In It?

I’ve been telling you for days about how cool this bundle is, but I’ve kept a bit of it secret from you until RIGHT NOW!  (Can you tell I’m excited to share this with you?)

Here’s the list of everything in the bundle:  (ages are just a guide.  You know your children best!  Many activities designed for older children can be done with younger children if you help!)

  • Draw The States eBook (all ages)
  • US Geography Word Search eBook (Ages 6+)
  • US Geography Write, Trace & Color eBook (ages 3-8)
  • Us Geography Map Puzzle (ages 6+)
  • US Geography Cross-Word Puzzle eBook (ages 6+)
  • Clip Cards By Region (ages 6+)
  • Clip Cards By State Flag (ages 6+)
  • Clip Cards By Capital (ages 6+)
  • State Flag Flash Cards (ages 4+)
  • MEMORY!  States and Capitals (ages 6+)
  • MEMORY! State Flags (ages 6+)
  • US Geography UNO! (ages 4+)
  • BONUS: US Geography Learn The States 2 Part Puzzles (all ages)
  • EXTRA BONUS: US Geography Write, Trace & Color eBook in CURSIVE (ages 6 – 10) 
  • EXTRA BONUS: US Geography Spell-The-States Puzzles (ages 6 – 12) 


The Launch-Week Price is just $19! Current price is $29 and rising weekly until it hits $49!

This bundle has a $65 $75  $96 value, friends.  We are giving you a HUGE DISCOUNT on it if you buy it during launch week.  If you are studying US History, Geography or doing a state study this year, next year or at any time in the future, you need to get this bundle THIS WEEK, while we can give you OVER 70% OFF!

It’s only $19 for this HUGE set of resources that you can use over and over and over again with all the kids in your family or classroom.  🙂  Year after year, you can print off the copies you need and never worry about having enough variety of games and activities to keep everyone interested.

Many of these games are designed for use by multiple ages, so your bigger kids will enjoy reviewing while your younger kids are just learning!


How Many Resources Would You Use?

Even if you only see 4 or 5 things you’d use in your family or classroom, this bundle is totally worth every penny.  I can’t wait for you to get them and see them and print them and USE THEM! ♥  You will ALL have so much fun together, learning and practicing.  You can even play US Geography UNO! on family game night! ♥


If you have young children who aren’t quite ready for this, I would suggest getting it now anyway.  The price during launch week is so low that we won’t be able to offer it this low again… ever.  🙂  So do a future school year a favor and grab it TODAY!

Launch Week Ends September 12th

After that, the price goes UP! So what are you waiting for?

  • Price from 9/13-9/21: $29
  • Price from 9/22 – 9/28: $39
  • Price from 9/29 on:  $49


Bundle Winner Is……

First, thank you ALL for sharing about that freebie with your friends!  We were able to bless over 700 families with that free eBook thanks to your efforts!  And every one of them was entered to win the whole bundle for FREE!

At 11:59 pm on Sunday, Sept 4th, I asked our system to choose a random winner, powered by  After a few milliseconds, it gave me a name and email address…

Congratulations to….

A. Wall!

I just sent an email to you with details on claiming your prize! ♥  I sincerely hope the US Geography Resource Bundle is a big blessing to your family this year and in all the years to come.  ENJOY!

Didn’t win?

I wish I could GIVE this bundle to everyone!  But of course, I can’t.  Instead, I can give you this amazing deal for this week!  Just $19 gets you this whole big bundle of resources!


Want MORE details?  Okay!

Draw The States eBook:

Kids learn how to draw each state in this unique ebook!  Take a look:



Region Clip Cards

Use a paper clip or clothes pin to “Clip” the region each state belongs in!  After all, learning the states is a whole lot better when you know where they exist on the map!  🙂


Flag Clip Cards

Practice matching the flags to the states!  There’s a lot of history on those flags…



Capital Clip Cards

Practice the capital of each state with this fun game.  You’ll practice recognizing the shape of each state too!



Build The Map Puzzle

Build the map!  The gray map mat is 8 pages!  You can just build it, or you can put each state up as you study it.

US-States-BuildTheMap-Puzzle_Cover Page

Flag Flash Cards

Learn the flags!



US Geography UNO!

I don’t need to say much about this one… Geography UNO is a BLAST!!



State Flag Memory

Memory cards that practice matching a state to it’s flag.

US-States-MEMORY-MatchTheStateAndFLAG_Cover Page


State Capital Memory

Match the states to their capitals!


Crosswords 3 Ways

Crosswords are always fun, but let’s learn even more by giving some interesting clues!

CrossWords-StatesAndCapitals_NameTheState-ByFlag-6 CrossWords-StatesAndCapitals_NameTheStateByBoundry-2 CrossWords-StatesAndCapitals_NameTheStateByCapital-3

Write & Trace

For your younger learners… Practice handwriting, tracing, coloring and letters while learning states, capitals, flags and boundaries!



Word Searches

Like the crosswords, we wanted these to be even MORE educational!  Take a look!

WordSearch-Flags-States-Capitals_StatesByBorder-1 WordSearch-Flags-States-Capitals_FlagsWS-1 WordSearch-Flags-States-Capitals_Capitals-Mystery-3


2 Part Puzzles

The BIG BONUS 🙂  These 2 part puzzles teach a lot and are fun for all ages! ♥




Write, Trace & Color in CURSIVE! ♥


Extra Big Bonus: 

Spell The States Puzzles! ♥

usgeography-spellthestatename-strippuzzles-31 usgeography-spellthestatename-strippuzzles-38 usgeography-spellthestatename-strippuzzles-43



I sincerely hope your family ENJOYS these resources! ♥

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