Sunday Surprise: May Flowers File Folder Game

Lately, a lot of new folks have been visiting this post!  Thanks for coming by!  :)  Hope you like the game.  Little Learning Lovies now has a full store with more than 200 different games and printable activities, some of which are free!  I hope you come visit us and let me know what you think…

Our store is at:

I’ve made something special for you, today!  Was your April full of lots of showers?  Ours was!  We’re ready for some may flowers, now.  So here is a blank file folder game that you can use for any skill you’d like!  Instructions are included.


Download Here


I hope you enjoy it!  If you do use this, We’d love to hear what skills you practice with it.  Just come back and leave a comment on this post.

Amazing Alphabet: Letter J (3)

A bit late, but doesn’t this one look fun?  It’s a Jellybean Sort for Letter J week!  Just sort the jellybeans into the correct jars for some post-Easter fun.  Then go ahead and eat a few real ones.  Surely that’s a good reward for all that hard sorting work! ;)  But before you eat them, think about sorting them by color or graphing them or figuring the probability of getting a yellow one or….  Oh dear.  Just enjoy them!  :)

Download Here




Don’t Forget:

Kids Writing/Drawing Contest is ending soon.

Spring Syllable Sort Giveaway is ending soon!

New Giveaway: Spring Syllable Sort FFG

I’ll bet you guessed, when I hinted earlier this week about a giveaway.  Didn’t you?  Well, you were right!  I just can’t help throwing a little special giveaway in honor of my new and first ever product offering.

This is NOT a download.  You’ll be winning an actual completed file folder game that you can pull out of the envelope, cut the cards apart (it’ll take you just a few moments, I promise!) and put it in a work box.  Hows that for super simple?

What do you have to do to enter?  Any of the following list will do nicely, as long as you do it before April 30th!

  • Tweet about this giveaway, post it on Facebook or write a blog entry about it.  Then write a comment at this post letting me know where you did it.  You can enter this way once a day for each way! :)
  • Write a comment at this post letting me know what math or language topic you are or will soon be working on with your child(ren).  I’m always hungry for game ideas!

Don’t want to wait for the giveaway to end?  While this giveaway is going on (that means until April 30th) I’m lowering the price of this file folder game to $4.50, so go ahead and snag one!  Don’t worry.  If you end up winning the contest after purchasing one, I’ll refund your purchase price!

And one last thing: Thanks for enjoying my site!  I love to share these things with you.

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