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Amazing Alphabet: Letter K (3)

I love these cute Kangaroos and I’m sure your kids will to!  Cut the babies off the bottom of the

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Sunday Surprise: May Flowers File Folder Game

Lately, a lot of new folks have been visiting this post!  Thanks for coming by!  🙂  Hope you like the game.  Little Learning Lovies now has a full store with more than 200 different

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Amazing Alphabet: Letter J (3)

Letter J Alphabet Sort Doesn’t this one look fun?  It’s a Jellybean Sort for Letter J week!  Just sort the jellybeans into the correct jars for some post-Easter fun.  Then

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Amazing Alphabet: Letter I (3)

Happy Letter I Letter Sort Day! (I’m so glad that’s not an official holiday . . .  :)) Download Here Enjoy!         ***Don’t forget!  There’s a giveaway going

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New Giveaway: Spring Syllable Sort FFG

I’ll bet you guessed, when I hinted earlier this week about a giveaway.  Didn’t you?  Well, you were right!  I just can’t help throwing a little special giveaway in honor of my new

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