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Please & Thank You Chore Card System

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It works for little kids and teens a like.  It even works on Moms and Dads!

There are “Please” cards where you write in what you need done.  Then there are “Thank You” cards where you write in what the reward is for accomplishing that task.  You pin them up on a bulletin board together, the please card on top of the thank you card.  Anyone in the house can take a look at the board and choose a job to do.  When they do it, they earn the reward!

The last piece of this set is the little envelopes I made that sit at the bottom of your bulletin board so kids can collect their reward cards in them.

Another idea is to pin a please card up with some money behind it!  Teens LOVE THIS….  They need a little money for going out to the movies?  They can just do the tasks on the board and earn it! (You can write a $ amount on a reward card if you don’t want to just pin money up on the board…)

I’d love to hear what you think of this system.  We have a lot of fun with it.


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